Ken Dedes, The Temptress Picture

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Continuation of the Batavica series I previously worked on, Timun Mas & Buto Ijo. I probably gonna redo the latter two in this new style since they are a bit way too-low lol

Ken Dedes takes on a historical figure in Indonesia, namely Ken Dedes, the first queen from the Singhasari Kingdom.


note: 'Ken Dedes' is pronounced "Can-They-Days" (I know it sounds weird lol)

Before she was a queen, she was kidnapped by the King of Tumapel Kingdom (later renamed into Singhasari Kingdom after Ken Arok took over), Tunggul Ametung, from her father, Mpu Purwa, a Buddhist monk; and forced to become his consort. Her father cursed the kidnapper that his daughter' beauty will eventually take the lives of the kidnapper.

The curse later become reality when an orphan criminal, Ken Arok; infatuated by Ken Dedes' beauty planned a scheme to take over the kingdom and killing Tunggul Ametung in the process.


Her beauty to drive the men crazy inspires me to adapt her into RPG-esque Dancer class, which is known for their ability to tantalize the audience. As a Dancer, Ken Dedes role in battle is to support the allies with buffs and also cast immobilizing ailments to the targets.

Ken Dedes utilizes dual handfans with gold-coated slats, the Arimbis' Hand-fans. In battle, the fans act as a magical prop that surround her body with magic aura to charm the enemies; but often times she fold the fans and use it as a close-combat weapon shortly before casting her magical dance.

Ken Dedes wore a pair of golden spaulders on her shoulders as a protection, in which extended with strings strapped around his forearms and fastened with golden bangles. She also wore a matching pair of wristbands.

Her attire is typical of the Arabian dancers (which also assimilated to Indonesian culture); a skimpy bikini tops exposing the side of her bosoms to accentuate her sexiness paired with a loose harem pants. She wore a chain ornaments on her waist with moon pendant; a homage to her sultry persona and a nod to the original historical records about her 'shining genitalia' (I am not kidding lol)

She also wore a tiara on her head and her hair is worn in long and wide ponytail. She wore heavy make-up in pink blushes and red lipstick; a homage to Indonesian dancers who wore heavy make-up during their performances.

I'm going out of the line in designing her as sexiness is not exactly the traditional values of the Indonesians (which majority comprises of Islamic people); but I'm taking the risk because I'm portraying her as a dancer from the RPG class. She is also known for her extraordinary beauty and how she was driven by love to kill her former husband. The inspiration of her persona takes of the strong woman upfront but very emotional inside; using her sexiness as her strong point to survive battles in life.


Modelled & rendered in Blender

Ken Dedes : 2514 tris
texture maps 1024x1024 x3 for Diffuse, Alpha, & Specular maps

dual hand-fan; "Arimbis" : 2 tris x2
texture maps 1024x512 x3 for Diffuse, Alpha, & Specular maps
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