Translated Vega Fakedex, bitches Picture

=3= dammit, dA ... o_o good thing the Download button exists

this isn't the 1st time i did something like this. here's the previous time…

o.o i was looking through some images and shit to see if these translated dexes were compiled together. -_- they were not and it pissed me off, o3o so i thought i'd do it. o.o the info's already here in Dr. Akimbo's walkthrough… (you might need it), o3o so it saved a lot of time to do this. i didn't have to hack into it and repeatedly evolve the same poke into a fake (which is what i did for my Snakewood sprites pic). o_o also got info from this poorly pieced document as well ... o3o so yeah, instead of a week, it took about 4 days

o_o to anyone looking to Nuzlocke this, ._. im not sure if you should. o_o Vega is hard as fuck. it's harder than Dialga's penis. o3o the japanese really know how to make a hard mode. ._. i definitely wouldn't attempt a blind run if i were you. o.o and also, only the 1st 151 truly matter for that case. everyone else is obtained post-game. and to get the true ending, all 386 have to be caught

this is the 3rd game/sequel to Altair and Sirius (story-wise, Vega comes after Altair/Sirius. unlike B/W and B/W 2, the protags for both are the same). there's 2 more being made after this one; Procyon and Deneb. it'll have all 386 too. ._. but they haven't updated in a long time, so i heard. it's unlikely we'll be seeing them anytime soon ...

o3o welp, on with the show. below is a shitload of info and comments and shit

info provided is only shown for fakemons.
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