Dawn - Ref Sheet Picture

Name: Dawn
Age: 3 years
Species: Dragon
Height: To shoulder-12 inches. To crown of head-24 inches
Length: Nose to tail-5 feet Nose to base of tail-2 feet
Weight: 4.5 kilos or 10 lbs

Dawn is a mythical dragon-like creature whom Theia befriends along her travels.


Garrus-X17 is a planet located in the Peony Nebula with a 17 degree tilt to it's axis. Days are 27 hours long and the year lasts 377 days, quite similar to that of Earth. It has an oxygen-based atmosphere and is breathable by almost any oxygen-breathing organism.
There are three suns, opposite the three moons. All the suns are in the sky at the same time, as well as the moons. The one of the suns includes the famous Peony Star, (the second brightest star in the known universe as of right now), as well as two other very small and dim suns.
The moons are Camere, Manji and Isoeli. Added all together, they would equal twice the size of our moon.
Garrus measures 78,000 miles around in circumference and has a total of seventeen continents and four super-islands around the size of Greenland.
The planet is made up of 77% water and is covered mostly with jungles like in the Cretaceous period of Earth. At the equator, there is a band only a around fifty miles thick of dry, sandy desert.
Because of it's smaller tilt, the poles are always encased in thick ice, expanding farther out, and temperatures can drop well under -40. The highest recorded temperature on Garrus was 157 degrees Fahrenheit, being in the Desert of Cahule, while the lowest was -75 degrees Fahrenheit on the northern pole.
There are many mountain ranges on Garrus that dwarf the Himalayas and sea trenches that make the San Andreas look like a dent. The exact heights and depths have yet to be known, due to the inability to make any further surface explorations.
Gravity fluctuates slightly on Garrus, but it is unnoticeable to any surface-dwelling creature.
The water at the bottom of the Johi Trench is under so much pressure that it's actually denser than the water above it, forming a visible separation when in comparison to "normal" water.


Due to the striking resemblance Dawn's species has to the mythological western dragon, they are simply known as "Dragons."

There are no different types or branches of dragons. Their colors and appearance is completely random due to the lack of recessive traits in the genome. If a red and a blue dragon mate, the result will not be purple, but could be any color under the sun due to the mixing of all the other previous colors in the family line.
Dragons can grow to any size in their lifetime and will continue to grow until they die. They are born the size of a mouse and in the course of three years, grow to the size of a house cat (minus the tail and wings)
Wings can be either feathered, bat-like or a combination of the two. This seems to be the only genetically predictable or traceable trait in the whole of the Dragon genome.
Eye color is also as variable as the colors perceivable.
There are rarities in pattern and size within the Dragon kingdom. Dawn displays not only one, but several rare traits.
Dawn is the proper size for her age, but she will grow no more than her size now. Her tail is longer than her body, which is a rare trait and her scales are a pure white. To add onto this list, her front feet are hand-like and all her life, she has used them to help her with survival.
At the age of three years and six months, a Dragon can "breathe" fire. In oral Dragon fokelore, the first few generations of their kind were able to "breathe" lightning or turn any substance into a precious stone.
Due to sacs of flammable gases and sacs of reactant fluid in their bellies, they can open the sacs, forcing the two to combine and create fire. Because of this, their saliva has adapted to be completely fire resistant.


Dragons mate for life and will have only one partner in their lifetime. To take another mate is punishable by death.
There is no form of government, but there have been colonies discovered that number well in the hundreds of Dragons nesting in the same area for company and cooperation. Dragons can speak to one another and have one uniform "language" of roars, chirps, clicks, coos, squeaks and purr-like rumbles. They display every kind of emotion and feel like humans do.
Sometimes, young Dragons will follow a leader-like figure until they are able to live completely on their own with confidence and pride.
Since they have no predators accept for the weather, life is easy for Dragons. For some of the ones with the rare trait of hand-like front feet, there have been attempts to create decorative items.
Dragons believe that the "Day of Days" will come to release their souls and bring them to the "Great Sky" with their God. Their God takes the form of a two-legged female beast with mandibles, four fingers and hooves. (There are no bipedal organisms or beings that reside on Garrus.)

Dragon females can have anywhere from one egg up to seven eggs at a time. It has also been found that Dragons experience sexual pleasure like Humans. A first among discovered, four-legged creatures.


When Theia stumbled upon Garrus in her travels, she was ambushed by Dawn, who thought of her as a meal. Theia smacked her away and left the Dragon unconscious. When Dawn awoke, Theia was standing over her, smiling somehow with her strange face. At once, Dawn attempted run off and take to the skies to spread the news of the arrival of "The Day of Days." Somehow, Theia captured Dawn before her presence could be detected. Unaware of the planet's creatures, she was fearful of being attacked by the wildlife that would outnumber her and possibly outsize her and overpower her.
Dawn went along with everything, thinking that she was to be "The Chosen One" of her kind. It wasn't until later that Theia was able to explain what she really was. Dawn was disappointed, but still wanted to be nowhere but Theia's side. This was where Theia ran off a list of names before Dawn settled on the name Dawn, names being a strange notion in her culture.

Over the coming days and weeks, Theia and Dawn formed an unnatural bond and connection. Dawn never left Theia's side and Theia hated it when she was away. When going around anywhere, from on her ship to the ground (in non-hostile conditions) Dawn would perch on Theia's shoulder and wrap her tail around her arm on the other side.
Later, Theia was able to teach Dawn how to formulate some words in English, such as "yes", "no" and several others. If asked the right questions, Dawn can hold a very, very simple conversation with any English-speaking person. Because of Dawn's finger-like front paws, Theia is beginning to teach her how to do things with them, more than just grasping small objects. Dawn is close to learning how to write and can already draw good circles and other shapes. On top of that, Theia has taught Dawn how to read many words in the English language, and Dawn can read small chapter books on her own.
Having a good brain-size with nothing to learn, Dawn tries her best at everything and learns quickly. She is even musically inclined and can sing.

Dawn is many times better than a pet, almost like a friend for life. Once Theia returns to civilian life, Dawn sleeps either at the foot of Theia's bed or curled up against her chest. Her scales are soft and smooth and does not cause pain when rubbed up against and the feathers on her wings are downy and of finer quality than that of any human bird.

Dawn, being taken care of so well by Theia, will live to outgrow Theia and could possibly live to be 150 years or older, compared to the maximum of 100 years on her home world of Garrus.

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