Visions Picture

Finally done! Took about 20 hours to finish this thingg >.>
Anywayy, it was an assignment for drawing class; we had to make a surreal drawing with chalk pastels using a specific color scheme.
So I did split complementary. Oh, and used chalk pastel pencils for the details [which are amazinggg!]

The title comes from my interpretation of the image [which came after I drew it], in which the glowing roses growing out of the stone hands are souls/someone's fate, and the snakes are their guardians which come and go..when they are not there to guard our fate is when bad things happen to you, and when they are there, you are completely safe from harm.
Weird stuff, I know. But hey, it's surrealism. And I like having meanings for my stuff >.>

Edit: changed the title.. the last one bugged me. Meaning still works thoughh
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