Werwofl Picture

this am a werwolf. werwulf is come out on full moon only, and howl at mun. In twilite, werwolf is always can be wolf if want, but this not true in reel lyf. Some ppl are not beleev werwulf exist. Do yuo beleeve werwol exist? That am a qestun to punder.
I have add lbael so yup can more easily see the wofl and how it is. Oh by the way if bite by werwolf thne you aslo a werwufl, which sum ppl is gud and sum think it bad. Sum ppl are not evean relaise they werwulf cos they not memory of murder ppl and stuff as wolf.
A noet: wolf in real life is not really attack ppl, onli werwolf attack ppl.
be careful not get bite by werwolf!!!! (unles you watn be one)
Once I hav a dreem where I werwulf and some1 try to mayk me pet dog.
Anyway werwolf danger so stay awya from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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