Indian Dancer Picture

Well this more like a stereotypical fairy tale Unicorn... I wonder how many people actually know what the Indian Unicorns recorded in Greek natural history (that's right history, not legend) looked like. I called it Indian Dancer anyways so XP I won't go giving you all a lesson on Unicorns now anyways. If I ever get round to it, I'll draw an original Indian Unicorn...

I did say I wanted to start drawing animals more realistically, but I couldn't help myself... I like this style way too much. It's a miracle I actually finished it... Or at least I think it's finished, I may add in a simple background later. I got to the point where I had to start shading it and didn't want to touch it as always, I love the unfinished sketchy look too much XP I might upload a couple of progress shots into my scraps. Colour isn't my thing, but I went with it anyways, and am ok with the result. I may have to try taking a better photo of it tommorrow when there's better light.

Wells anyways this is for
EDIT: Resized it to it's actual real-life size XP... Tried being lazy and added a digital background, only to realise I can't just half arse it and so shoved the dementedness in my scraps... I want to add a bg... But dare I risk ruining my dodgy drawing?

EDIT EDIT: I have switched the file in my gallery to the file in my scraps and vice versa. I like it better with the background. If I ever get around to drawing the background I'll scrap this and stick up the new edit XP
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