Sun Godess Picture

Done in black and white. I might scrap this. I didn't color this hoping that I'll get my drawing tablet soon. If I get it. I just don't wanna have to do all that fire in the background!

Well, this takes alot of explaining. You see, out of pure bordom and Avatardedness, I started to come up with a long complex mythology for their world, using things that are already in the show. And it pretty much goes like this: The world was a terrible barren place. People had to struggle to survive, and spirits ran amuck in the world, for there simply was not a separate spirit world in which they could thrive. Out of this chaos, there where two twin spirits, the spirit of the planet (who was later betrayed, almost compleatly destroyed (though he couldn't be killed off entirely, for he is a spirit after all) and forced to take refuge in a human body. He has been re-incarnated ever since, as the Avatar), and the goddess of the dead (in essence, though, all gods in this world are really just powerfull spirits). Seeing all the suffering in the world, the spirit of the planet created the ocean spirit/god, moon spirit/godess, sun spirit/godess, spirit/god of the wind, spirit/god of the earth, a major forest goddess, a desert god (um, running short on ideas?), and several minor river and forest spirits. These spirits, in turn, created animals and such.

For a short while, life was good. But then, the world was once more filled with disorder, as humans fought for food and resources. In order to keep them in order, the spirit of the plantet commanded his most powerful spirits to choose which people they will watch over and rule. The moon and ocean choose who will soon become the Water Tribe, and shortly after took on a mortal form. The wind god choose the nomadic people later called airbenders, for their free spritedness. The earth kingdom was devided amongst three gods. The sun godess choose the natives of a volcanic island chain known today as the Fire Nation, and created several creatures native to this region, though her favorite creations have always been dragons.

That's who this is, if the title didn't tell you. She's short tempered and very proud. However, she can be very benevolent, and veiws the people of the Fire Nation as her children. She has, however, grown angry in recent years, for since the industrial revolution occured in the Fire Nation, rituals worshiping her have slowly diminished. The last festival in her honor was held sometime in Zuko's childhood. She has, since then, cursed Ozai (I won't tell you exactly what it is, but it has to do with his undoing.) Oh and, she has a thing for Zuzu, but he doesn't return the feelings, and her attraction isn't all that strong any way.

Well, onto the drawing. I don't like that I couldn't finish it, and the dragon looks retarded. Well, I'm tired of typing, so that's it. She needs a name. If you have any good names, I'll take it/them.
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