The Feline Secret || Ryan / Vitreis Picture

+Cat; Ryan+

Ryan, named after the family's recent miscarriage, is a cherished member of the family. He is sandy brown, with darker markings on his ears, tail, paws, and chest fur. He has obvious marks of previous mistreatment, visible in the large scar on his forehead and his stumpy tail. His eyes are a cool icy blue, and have a look of uncertainty in them despite his almost cold demeanor.

Pet Name: Ryan
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Species: Mixed breed
Personality: Ryan's a rather strange cat. He's jumpy, with a tendency to change moods very quickly, and he appears to disappear from his home for sometimes days on end, but he always returns. However, he is a very loving cat, and seems to get on well with anyone he meets. His family all adore him, even if there are times when they cannot care for him properly. In the city, Ryan is different. He is much less airheaded, and more cunning in his own way. He appears to be very transparent, like an open book, but most of his show in front of others is a not-so-serious facade he can't control. He is very unpredictable, which causes others to take care around him due to his strength and power. He still comes off as very nervous and jumpy, but he also takes a lot of risks.
History: Ryan had found himself searching in the same bin as a young girl, who was dressed in the dirtiest clothes he had ever seen. The girl, being very young, had taken him home. The family had been in an extremely poor state at that moment, and could not care for Ryan. But, they found themselves growing attached to him as he returned every morning after feeding himself, and they eventually softened and took him in.
Family Type: A very poor, sometimes below-poverty-line family. However, they are very caring for Ryan and eachother.
Family Members/Number of Members: A pregnant mother, a sickly father, and their young daugher.
Extra Information: Ryan is incredibly comfortable in his cat form, and does not like to change willingly. Because of this, features of his demon form can sometimes slip through. This is also why his cat form is rather unnerving and strange - because it takes a lot of his strength to keep his demon form at bay at all times.


+Demon; Vitreis+

As explained before, Vitreis does not reveal their demon form as often as others. When they do change, it is normally unwillingly when they reach extremes of emotion, usually anger. Their demon self is even more unhinged than their cat self, and very destructive. (This is mainly the reason that they do not change often). Vitreis possesses many features in their demon form - a large, fanged maw, a pair of horns, ears, sharp talons, and a sweeping tail. The shape of their hind legs give them the capability to walk bipedal, though they do not do this often. Their wings are seemingly small and deformed, but are still capable of flight.

Demon Name: Vitreis
Name Meaning: 'Glassy' in Latin
Gender: Agender (Genderless. Goes by they/them pronouns).
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 25,000+ (They never bothered to count.)
Species: Corvid/Canine/Feline/Bovine/Mustelid
Sin: Envy
Kingdom: Corvus
Rank: King
Personality: Vitreis seems to be filled with an incomprehensible rage. They're probably the most destructive of the kings, and the most dangerous if provoked. They're filled with a desire to wreak destruction and havoc everywhere, and are never happy with what they have. They're willing to keep going until one day they challenge The King himself. However, they must have some sort of desire buried deep, deep down to contain themselves, because that is why Ryan seems to exist.
History: Vitreis grew up as best friends with the previous king. The king had a rule akin to the Canines kingdom, and it would've been easy for them to simply cheat the throne from him, but he never had the desire to. They learned from a young age that they would have to keep their demon form more contained than others, but that was never important to them either. They simply wanted to live life, see the human world and learn all they could. That's another reason why they grew so attached to their cat form. Time went on, however, and Vitreis grew disillusioned. They discovered that they wanted more than they wanted. They wanted everything. Again, they could have lied and cheated their way into the throne, but under an impulsive decision, Vitreis stormed up to the kings throne room and brutally murdered him, with surprising ease. The former king had issued a dire warning to Vitreis that night, but it meant nothing to them, and they have long forgotten the words uttered to them.


+Servants; Hati & Sköll+

Named after the moon and sun-chasing wolves of Nordic mythology, blue-eyed Hati and red-eyed Sköll are an inseperable pair of ravens that bicker and boast (much like the raven pair Hugin and Munin from Nordic mythology!). Vitreis never bothers themself with the birds' affairs, as long as they serve them and only them. Vitreis cares for the birds, but seemingly not enough to name them accurately!

Name: Hati and Sköll
Gender: Male
Species: Raven
Personality: Both are rather loud-mouthed, and tend to bicker a lot. Hati can be less willing to follow orders, but is usually put into shape by Sköll. Sköll is more serious than Hati, and is annoyed by how laid-back his blue-eyed counterpart is.
Extra Information: The joke about their names is that in the mythology Sköll is the blue-eyed, antagonistic wolf and Hati is the red-eyed, hateful wolf.



Strength 8/10
Stamina 10/10
Agility 4/10
Intelligence 6/10
Charisma 0/10
Mana 2/10
Total: 30/60



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