Aurum Application: Bridget Wolff Picture


Name: Bridget Wolff

Rank: Trainee

Alias: Beast

Ability: Wolf-Physiology

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5’6”

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Strawberry Blonde

Nationality: Irish

Ethnicity: Irish-German

April 24

Horoscope: Taurus


Strength: [ 10/25]

Agility: [ 5/25]

Physical health: [ 6/25]

Mental health: [5/25]

Knowledge: [ 6/25]

Charm: [3/25]

HP: 16


REPUTATION: [ 7 /100]


Personality: Bridget doesn’t show it, but despite being serious she does care about those around her and will go out of her way to help them. She isn’t afraid to go into any situation, but because of her impatience and temper the situation sometimes ends up in a hollow victory if there is one. She has been known to be inadvertently harsh without meaning to or judging someone on first meeting or certain actions. Bridget has a hard time understanding humor and would often laugh quietly to herself later on when she finally understands it. Since she sometimes sees her reasons as right or her methods as such she can be a bit uncooperative with people.

Positive traits: Caring || Generosity || Fearless || Serious || Dedicated || Virtuoso || Loyal || Adaptable || Observant

Negative traits: Impatient || Tempered || Harsh ||Judgmental || Secretive || Fierce || No sense of Humor || Headstrong || Sarcastic || Uncooperative

Ability in Use:

Though Bridget can now willingly shift into her half form(which has proven handy in certain situations), sometimes it is her current emotions that stop her from shifting. Such as her temper or even panic. She also never has shifted into her full form and only maintains an half form or normal form.

Bridget's half form doesn't change much in that she doesn't suddenly have a snout or her whole feet turn into paws, but she does get a lot hairier in her arms and legs. Her facial features are noticeable as her nose changes and becomes more pronounced from her face and narrows a bit. Brows are more furrowed than normal with eyebrows a bit thicker. Her teeth get sharper and eyes brighten up and her fingers grow longer claws. Her half form has heighten senses as described in the third paragraph. It also makes her much stronger in bulk and power. The smell in this form can mess with her sense of smell though and get her out of control like sad.

Her senses, such as smell, hearing, etc, are better than most people and she uses it to her advantage in situations. Like knowing things about someone or searching out something. Having high senses only makes them more sensitive though as normal loud noises are painful to ears or certain smells can bother her or mess up her sense of smell for a while. The only senses she has mostly is hearing and smell and it is best when it's in her range.

Blood does funny things to Bridget that has been found troublesome. A small amount of them in the air can set her off on a blood frenzy that makes her stronger. Too much though can get her out of control and often messes again with her senses.


There was a rumor that traveled around the Wolff family for centuries. The rumor was that they were a family of wolves, had at least one wolf in their family, or even descended from them. Most people found the rumor to be ridiculous and some actually believed it. The family were the ones who thought the rumor to be ridiculous. Well except for Bridget's uncle who insisted that centuries back there was a wolf in the family. He was convinced that soon another one will emerge as the gene didn’t just die out. Of course no one believed that until one fateful night.

It wasn’t a full moon, it wasn’t a raining or a clear night sky. In fact the night was like any other for Bridget. The only difference was she was becoming very peeved at her brother, more than usual actually. One moment they were arguing about how she needs to ‘loosen up’ for as a 12 year old she was the most tense and serious person he knew. The next his back was against the wall in fear as the girl that was his sister was suddenly a lot hairier, still looking human except for the sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and scrunched up face.

Life after that wasn’t the same for Bridget as word in the family spread, having now labeled her “Beast”. Soon the only one really on speaking terms with her was her uncle and parents. Bridget wouldn’t say her relationship with her uncle before was bad, but now she never felt safer or more like herself than with him. It wasn’t long till her parents found it best that she moved with her uncle who had more knowledge on what was happening with their daughter.

With her uncle she was able to learn to control her emotions better and with that better control of her wolf. She had her moments that couldn’t be helped as her temper and impatience get in the way sometimes. For years she never felt the same in society and avoided it when she could. When her parents sent over the letter from the Agency her uncle suggested it would possibly be a good stability in her life. With that thought in mind she accepted.

Ambition: Stability and better control.

Specialized Skills:

-Lock picking


-Playing around with fortune teller cards

-Playing and practicing instruments

-Collecting little things (like tea pots or figurines).


Random Trivia:

- Bridget sometimes has nightmares of what if she really hurt her brother back then.

- Afraid she will lose all control of her wolf.

- Her parents thought the move would be good because their home consisted of them, her brother, her grandparents(mother side), and a few aunts and uncles with their children. Too painful for her to stay in a unpleasant environment.

- When she feels she is beginning to get upset(temper wise) she goes to isolate herself, usually with a cup of tea.

Voice: Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender - (I WISH I COULD FIND BETTER SORRY.)

Bridget also has a Irish accent so just dash that into the voice.

Likes: Music, Tea, warm showers, scented candles, the woods, actually making friends, mythology

Dislikes: When others say her reasons were wrong, people who goof off a lot, unintentionally upsetting someone, the cold, loud noises

Brooch is located on her left breast.

RP Preference: CHAT || NOTE || COMMENTS || SKYPE || OTHER (Google Doc)

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