The Wheel Picture

I keep going on about the Wheelverse, but I've never actually put up the Wheel Itself!

This is a stained-glass window, featured in the Temple (a place dedicated to studying and following the Aspects) as it appears at the start of the Wheelverse. This is ~20 years before canon. The metallic disks indicate where an Unknown Aspect should be. That is to say - each of the Six Wheels has six Major Aspects associated with it. Aspects are either Known (where the Temple at least knows the name and concept of the Aspect at least) or Unknown (where none have any knowledge of what the Aspect actually is - information may have been lost, or not existed in the first place).

White rims indicate that the Aspect is Embodied (has a physical form).

The Wheels in order from the top clockwise are:

The Harmonies: (Also clockwork from top) Laughter, Honesty, Kindness, Generosity and Loyalty. As this is before the Return of Nightmare Moon, the Aspect of Magic is Unknown. The Elements of Harmony themselves are powerful artifacts imbued with the power of the Wheel of Harmony - any ponies who are suitably aligned with one of the Aspects may wield them, but they usually only have one owner at a time. The Tree of Harmony is actually a Minor Aspect in its own right.
All of the Embodiments of Harmony are alicorns.
You might notice that Generosity is Embodied. I wonder if there are any alicorns around who happen to like wearing purple diamonds in their regalia.
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