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It turned from influence to inspiration to things I think are awesome. WHATCANYADO.

tl;dr commence.

animanga. This takes up an unbelievably huge chunk of my life. From drawing to reading to watching to cosplaying, I'm officially obsessed with animanga. The four up there are some of my favorites, and up there for varying reasons: D.Gray-man and Deadman Wonderland for art, Gintama for genius humor, and Baccano! for the most confusing and awesomely intense storyline ever.

music. Needless to say, this is a huge part of what inspires me. The two up here are The Postal Service and Coldplay.

fashion. I love it. So much. I can't design it for crap (;A; ), but--from 18th century dresses to flapper attire to steampunk fashions to modern outfits--my love for it all cannot be described. And yeah, that last one's Gossip Girl. 8D

artemis fowl. Dry humor combined with lovable characters and fantastic storylines = one of my fave books.

howl's moving castle. Put a picture of the movie for its prettiness and for love of the movie too, but I mostly mean the book. Seriously, my favorite fantasy and romance, ever. And they're not a perfect duo, either, which makes me love 'em all the more.

rococo paintings. SO FANCY AND PRETTY. That's Fragonard's The Swing up there, btw. Oh, and neoclassic portraits, too. The details in these things keel me.

shel silverstein. Always loved his poems, and his neat little illustrations too. I had to perform that one up there (Band-Aid) when I was in acting class wayyy back when. lolwot

ocs. I LOVE OCS. My own ocs are my babies hahahaa and whenever I develop a new part of their storyline, I feel so warm and accomplished. Given that they're developed, I love others' ocs, too. TELL ME ABOUT YOURS, EVERYONE. That up there is ~HeyThereYoungDreamer's (and my) Clarice. 8'D LOL PIC USED W/OUT PERMISSION.

cultures/traditions. So beautiful. All of it. Whenever I travel now, this is one of my first priorities: to learn about its cultures, etc. I marvel at their vast variations and minute differences. Language is SO included in this. <3 <3

art nouveau. --And like, old art styles that you see in vintage posters. So cool.

greek mythology. SO MUCH LOVE. I've obsessed over Greek mythology ever since I was like, what, eight? Love all the stories and the imperfect gods and goddesses and humans. asdfdf

street art. That on the left was drawn. On the street. YA, NO KEEDING. That on the right is Banksy, whose art I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Despite the fact that it's graffiti. .___.

happiness and love. CHEESE. I love seeing happy people, and people truly in love. Seeing happy OLD people truly in love is one of the best things ever, imo.

colors. I like pretty colors. Yep.

nature. animals. the environment. life. Someday, when I have time, I want to grab paper, pencil, and get out into my mom's garden to sketch flowers. Just flowers. Because they're such gorgeous things. Oh dear how I love animals. Reptiles, too, ya know. I wouldn't mind having a snake hangin' out on me again haha. As long as it's not too dangerous hurr. I love seeing a night sky full of stars and a bright moon. And I friggin' LOVE watching clouds, whether it's poofs of white fluff or pastel oranges and violets dashed against the dusk.


Even with all this, this only scratches the surface of my inspirations and influences. Didn't include any Internet artists 'cause I felt weird including their deviations/art in my meme. D:

I DID THIS FOR MY OWN AMUSEMENT LOL. I don't expect people to read the textwall ffffft I wouldn't. /facepalm

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