[c0nstants] - W0 4 of Wands - Caden Vivaldi Picture

Name: Caden Valdis Vivaldi
Date of Birth: May 20th
Gender: Trangender Female (she/her, they/them)
Age: 23

Tarot Card: 4 of Wands
Country of Residence: London, England

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 92 lbs
Sexuality: Polyromantic Demisexual

| Artistic || Optimistic || Reliable |
| Detail-Oriented || Determined || Emotional |

| Stubborn || Passive || Nonstop |
Caden is a very harmony and family-oriented person. She values family and community a lot, and while she doesn't adjust very quickly to new people or places, she always enjoys being alone around others. She doesn't do very well with conflict, and while she'll often try to at least stand up for herself or others, there's a 98% chance that she's going to go hole up in her room afterward and drown herself in music. She has an incredibly hard time voicing her thoughts or ideas to people she's not very used to or trusts, though tries to set her axieties aside when doing so for work. And while she's not the best at comunicating personal things, she values communication a lot and expects others to as well, and always puts forth her best effort to be open toward her friends and family to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible. She's nonstop with her work, and is almost painfully optimistic. Caden has a very bright outlook toward life itself, even if that means pushing aside or ignoring all the problematic things that might occur, or have already, including her own health.

Likes: Art (painting, sculpting, and graphic design specifically) virtual reality, musicals/plays, going on walks, music, rainy days, working, medieval mythology, animals (specifically canines), roses (white ones specifically), any and all movies with animals
Dislikes: Conflict, the dark, being alone, procrastination, bitter foods, pumpkins, heights, sudden loud noises, coffee, red roses, sleeping

Caden was born and raised into a family of three, all founders and performers for the Cirque Des Cœurs. She moved around a lot for several years, once in a while stopping at certain locations for periods of time. By the time she was old enough to enter kindergarten, the Vivaldis settled in London, England for a few years in order for Caden to properly attend school. There, she met her cousin Ruth, who was five years older than her, but became a fast role model as well. She clung a lot to Ruth and his family, and went through a phase where she insisted that Ruth was her twin.
In school, Caden felt drawn toward more traditional art such as painting and sculpting, and while Ruth drifted closer to the Vivaldi's performing arts influence, Caden stepped out of that world and started experimenting more. As the years went by, Ruth became a student to one of Caden's parents; he started to practice dancing, ballet specifically, and ice skating, before picking up theatre in high school. While he was doing that, Caden continued to develop her traditional art, and as she got access to newer things, her interests shifted to game and character design and development.
Summers were often eventful, traveling with her parents or staying with Ruth's, and there was hardly a dull time. As Caden neared high school, her parents started to show a greater interest in traveling and performing again. With Ruth having recently moved out of his own parents' home, and both families being decently well off, it was arranged that Caden would live between Ruth and his own parents; under the condition that her parents called daily, and visited as often as they could. The physical distance between them unsettled Caden for a while, but the focus she put into her school work and interests often kept her mind off of it.
Throughout high school, while figuring out her interests, Caden found herself struggling a lot with her own identity. She closed off from her family and friends a lot during this time, and threw herself into work; so while she felt distracted and managed to keep up with homework, though her grades fell, Caden found it hard to focus on much for long. Around her junior year, Ruth interjected and provided a strong support to her, and helped her communicate her feelings to his parents. They accepted her openly and further encouraged her while she figured things out enough to come out to her own family and closer friends, who ultimately were just as supportive. Though, Caden remained distanced from a lot her past friends and heavily relied on Ruth for company and socializing again.
Caden went to college for computer programming, and minored in graphic design. By the time Caden graduated at 21, she applied for a job at Ingressus Inc. part-time, before delving in full-time in the past year. Currently, Caden works for the art and design portion of public relations.

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