Moon Mother Picture

"When the world was new and powers were free, the Moon Mother created the lights, the lands, and the peoples. But some of the people harbored selfishness and violence in their hearts. One such man, he killed his own brother. But he regretted it forever after. He laid his slain brother beneath the holy Fire Blossom tree and the tree forever after bloomed red tears. The Moon Mother heard his cries of terrible lament and in her infinite sadness and compassion, she made for the man a companion who would understand his heart, heal his wounds, and subdue his violence. That night the forest gods were created and they guarded the hearts of man for many years."

This is part of the mythology of the people in my movie.

Watercolor. I find that I get nervous to put the dark colors on the paper... but I'm trying to make more contrast. Slow going.

Any comments for improvement very welcome. Thanks!
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