Frightmare Picture

Frightmare is one of the main, favorited, and primary original characters(OC)'s that I have created. He began as a simple drawing, that quickly escalated into a massive, nightmarish concept years ago. Although he has many forms, he is normally depicted as a typically 10-foot tall, boogeyman covered in shaggy, dark fur, with a monstrous face, having giant, jagged sharp teeth, a goat-like head, large, elaborate, varying horns, hooves for feet, piercing red eyes which change upon the use of his power, wearing shredded cloth, ropes, broken chain bracelets, and bones. Frightmare is the result of many dreams, that have become morbid and dark. Born from humanity's worst fears, he strives to plummet mankind into upmost terror. As a malevolent, sinister creature from the dream realm, he prefers to prey upon the souls of the living while they sleep, using darkness to his advantage like many evildoers. However, this does not hinder him in any way whatsoever, for he will stalk and attack his victims both in the daytime, and in the light, showing that nowhere is safe under normal circumstances. He normally targets the ones most vulnerable to his presence, but he will not hesitate to attack powerful, or fearless enemies, as he does not normally show any sign of benevolence or mercy. Frightmare is truly a monster, having no empathy, as he was constructed to have none. Willing to kill and slaughter the innocent and the other evils only for his enjoyment, he does not feel pity, sympathy, compassion, or remorse for his actions. He is also difficult to work with, or work against, as he does not take allied forces lightly, or go easy on his foes. He does however, have a sense of gratitude, being able to show that his opponents are well-respected to be his victims. The tougher and more fearless the enemy is, it only inspires him more to terrorize and kill them. Frightmare bides his time within the Dream Dimension, the world empowered by dreams, and the imaginations of other beings. The darker sides of humanity, and the fears of all who sleep, empower and feed the beast, yet give him an insatiable hunger, only satisfied by attacking, tormenting, terrorizing, and killing of his victims. In dreams, Frightmare is able to turn the sweetest, most delicate of things, into a bloody hell. Often, one of his preferred tactics is to sing nursery rhymes, and let the true dark meanings of them unfold. He will never stop the tormenting, until the victim begs for death, or they escape. Once they get away, he will vow to pursue them, until the day that they die...

When in combat and battle, Frightmare will usually never let the opponent walk away unharmed, even if he is defeated. He means serious, evil business, and will stop at nothing to taste the foe's fear, pain and death. He has many powers, some of his attacks being the Dream Dash, the Night Light, the Screamer, and the Sandbox. His main weapon is called the Nightstick; a lethal, tonfa-like blade, held like a baton, that is capable of delivering grisly swipes, and can kill a man in a single blow. It is also able to be thrown, and transfer supernatural energy or magic. Frightmare, as a monster, possesses far greater strength than a human, being able to crush a car, and break bones in the body with the right force. The fear of him makes him stronger as long as the opponent gives him power over them. He normally prefers to fight in the boundaries of reality, rather than in the dream world, for he has a 98% chance of killing his opponent easily in the sleeping planes, rather than in the waking world, which hardly provides satisfaction to him.

Despite his power and intimidating state of being, Frightmare is not invincible. He can be harmed and not killed in the dream world, but can be both harmed and killed within the boundaries of reality. He dislikes the feelings of no terror in certain situations, and he does not take likings to bravery archetypes. He most certainly despises good dreams and heroes, as they have defeated him many times in the past, while he has also claimed many victims and lives on his way. Once he is killed, he will remain dead, unless you conjure him from your worst fears, or allow him to be born once again. He will always remain in your mind, just waiting to resurface into the waking world, and strike again. As long as man lives terrified, with life in the world untold, he will always be around, to cause mayhem and evil.

Frightmare is based off of many characters and urban legends, including Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street, Nightmare Moon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pan from Greek mythology and Pan's Labyrinth, and the Sandman, which he is often said to be, or referred to. His entire theme and creation was inspired by the song "Enter Sandman", from Metallica's 1991 self-titled CD dubbed "the black album". The song tells of what menace the sandman truly is, and what nightmares he trails along with him, therefore reflecting Frightmare's character and actions symbolically. Due to already having many grisly and horrid nightmares, I created Frightmare as a symbol of confidence and power; way to keep the natural fears of my own and my bad dreams away. He certainly does his job, as he runs the show of terror throughout the dream world. I have also put Frightmare into several fan-made RP's of other franchises, including Silent Hill, Undertale, Soul Calibur, Bionicle, and several others. No matter his appearance or origin in the selected material, he is always set to be a fitting additional character, and remain as an evil menace to be reckoned with. Perhaps one day, his creation will be taken a step further, and the the never-ending nightmare, the Frightmare... shall begin...


1: "I like the way you bleed... the way you scream... and the way you die..."

2: "The hate... the pain, the fear behind your eyes... is my gateway to your soul... and on, your flesh I will eat...."

3: "Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies.. ashes, ashes, they all fall down..."

4: *various growls, hisses, snarls, roars, and screeches of animals mixed together*

5: "Pour your heart out into your dreams... so I can tear it out, and take it from you..."

6: "Off to Never-neverland...."

7: *screeches* "This is where your nightmare ends... and where your Frightmare comes to life..."

8: "They always said that dreams come true.. But forgot, that nightmares, are dreams too...."

9: "You see me everywhere... under the bed.. in your closet, in the mirror.. in your head... Wherever you are... You will NEVER.. be too far from me...."

10: "I want to see... the light... leave your eyes... feeling your blood, and your breath... one, last, time... I cannot afford to care... I cannot afford to care...."
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