Silver Kitsune ID Card Picture

This is what I've been working on, an almost complete revamp of my former Deviant ID(s). For those of you who are interested, continue reading for in-depth analysis of the component data (I.E. "If you want to know why I listed my sign or what my middle initial stands for, read on"

Class: Writer / Techie
My "job description", more or less. Around DA I'm known as a writer of poetry and short stories... Mostly of an emotional/romantic type. If you're reading this, then you almost certainly knew that anyway... Like a stranger is going to be this interested. I'm also a resident Techie... I have an odd knack of winding up as the person who troubleshoots my friend's PC/Software problems... But more importantly, I'm a Web Designer... Soon to be training to step up to the professional level in college.

Screen Name "Silver Kitsune
I've had this nickname for quite a while... And its inspiration comes from a character in a fanfic named "White Fox" , in addition to my facination of Kitsune lore. More on what a kitsune is below.

Age: 18
My current age, as of this submission.
Species: Fox
"Silver Kitsune", my "Fursona"/online alias is a Kitsune, or roughly, a Japanese fox "spirit". "Kitsu" = Fox, "Ne" = "Emotional" , if I recall how the Japanese characters translate.

Sign: Aries
My astrological sign, according to European/Western astrology. The symbol for Aries is a ram. Just do a web search for "astrological sign aries" to get more info about it than you could ever digest. As a note, I have fun reading about personality types/signs, but don't necsesarily vest any signifigance in them. For the curious: according to Japanese astrology, I was born in the year of the Ox. Which, seems oddly similar to Aries... Coincidence?
Blood(type): AB
I actually don't know what my bloodtype really is, so I went with the character of "Silver Kitsune's" bloodtype. Why did I include it? The same reason manga/anime/game creators do: it has as much signifigance in some circles as your astrological sign. Do a web search for "japanese blood type meanings" for more information.

Tails: 3
Kitsune are known to have multiple tails on occassion. Generally, the more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful it is. they are said to gain tails as their power increases, or as they age. At most, they have 9.

Real Name: April E. Jones
That's my real name. I love using my middle initial/name, but no one ever seems to remember it... Ah well.

Birthdate: April 1st, 1985
Before you ask: Yes, I was named April because I was born in April, and no, I'm not a fool. I haven't been pranked on my birthday in quite a few years... But I can get away with playing April Fool's Day jokes on others much easier it seems. People are forgiving when it's your birthday.
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
The city/state of my birth, and also where I currently reside. After years of being mocked I supressed my southern accent to a great degree, only to regret no longer having it. Why? That's a secret.
Status: Taken, but not married
Marital status, that is. I'm currently (read: for the past 3 years have been) deeply in love with a man I consider to also be one of my closest friends. We're not married... Extra answer for the curious: Nope, I don't have any children, either.
Likes: Optimism, Excitement
By "Likes", I specifically mean traits I lean towards/like to show in myself. I try to stay optimistic as best I can, and love to bring a little sunshine into other people's lives, when possible. And, as for excitement... Well, what can I say, I absolutely love anything that gets my heart pumping. Really scary movies, amusement park rides, driving fast, a lover's glance... You name it. I'm something of a daredevil, or at least I like to do things spontaneously.

Dislikes: Discrimination
"Dislike" is too weak of a word. Discrimination of any sort, whether it be for racial/ethnic background, age, or any other reason, really ticks me off. It's the greatest of my pet peeves, and one of the few things that can get me to go off on an angry rant. Nugget of Knowledge: I also dislike the color Olive Green and banshee-like screaming (especially in music). But neither of those will cause me to go into fits.

Alignment: Chaotic / Good
A joke, for all of you D&D fans. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, or would just like me to go into detail:

Like I said above, I'm a self-proclaimed daredevil and revel in spontaniety... I can get kind of wacky/silly when it comes to my humor, too.

...But despite my occassionaly weird/crazy antics, I generally try to be a good person / friend / family member / mate. I also find it much easier to compliment than to critize... I guess I heard "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all" too many times as a child.
What is a Kitsune?
Ah yes. The question I'm sure most of you are/have wondering/wondered. A Kitsune is a mythological creature of sorts, that comes from Japan. Or, really, what the Japanese Kitsune is based off of likely came from India, then went to China, then crossed over and evolved in Japan... But that's another story. They are usually portrayed as tricksters, guardians, or loyal/honorable creatures who never break a promise. They can assume the shape of a fox, a human, or something inbetween. If you're interested in learning more about Kitsune, do a web search for "Kitsune lore". There are a few good resources on them if you look.


And that sums up the in-depth explaination of the contents of my Deviant I.D. I'll be surprized if anyone actually reads all of that.
Now, for the credits:

The image of Silver Kitsune was drawn by the extraordinarily talented ~ lenzamoon, who was kind enough to take my request. All praise for how cool the picture is belongs to her.
The card itself is the result of modifying a Shadow of a Hedgehog playing card template. I claim none of these images as my own... Check out their website if you'd like to get a template for your own card. They have a wide selection, not to mention a lot of other really cool Sonic the Hedgehog stuff.

This concludes "Silver Kitsune Deviant I.D. Version 3", check back for more insanely long descriptions later.
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