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Chapter 2: The Proving of the Might.
"A few minutes, Breeze Nightstar followed his masters, Demokus and Markus as they walked the back of the Franz's sandstone hut(home of Breeze's real uncle.) and exited via the backdoor. leading to the empty sandstone ground. He looked around and was briefly overcome with nostalgia as he remembered that the ground used to be where he and his friends would play should boredom struck them. A makeshift playground, consisting large, rusty metal tubes along with a few planks, once lay dormant at the heart of ground, and now only a crater remained at where it once stood. He remembered, have a single laser stray missile from a Cosmic Blighter, the capital starship ofCosmic Empire fall to the playground and the playground was gone. The ground still have vestige of laser and it was from that moment on that Breeze began to despise war. It took away the one thing left in his life that was a part of his childhood. How coincidental as the place where he once frequented is now where his life may change forever through one ritual: His the Proving of the Might. Breeze listened with his attention fixed upon his master. He recalled the story he heard from his aunt about Dark Adder. He remembered his aunt mentioning that Dark Power led to his fall as he allowed his anger, hate, and other negative emotions to amplify his Might Energies, losing his will&mind to his own powers&emotions, and becoming the right hand of the Great Emperor, and as the monster of terror. As The Dark Power are the product of the Evil One himself, Dark Power or the Spirit of the Darkness turned evil as quickly as its own creator, and when in control of a weak-willed beings, his personality is twisted and evil. Thus, Dark Adder became the very thing he would otherwise swear to destroy and lead to his betrayal to all Lumener Order, and Breeze vowed never to become like him. He want more informations about Dark Adder and curious about the Great Universe Civil War. He then ask his second master or second/adoptive uncle, Demokus Kennobos. Demokus answered to Breeze he's ever as the Lumener Knight that participate fighting in this war, Breeze's father, Apollus Nightstar and him were close friends each other. Demokus admired Apollus was the very powerful Lumener ever and was the war hero, and was the good friend. But, in the end of the Civil War. The Great Emperor claimed that the Lumener Order had attempted to overthrow the government. The Lumener were declared enemies of the state. He ordered his all republic army, or now as the empire army destroy all the Lumener Order or the Order of the Light. The Warlord, who lead all armies destroy all Lumener were his own apprentice or now as, Dark Adder. He betrayed all Lumener Order, he betrayed his own master, he betrayed us all. Breeze's father and Demokus try stop him, but it's useless, Dark Adder was too powerful. Apollus killed by him in during fight. Demokus felt sad and try blame himself, Breeze understood and talk to him, that is not his mistake. Markus, the special Light Might-user of Lumener had interrupted conversation between Breeze and Demokus and bring them back to the Proving of the Might training. He explained let them get to the ritual. First, meditate. Breeze need to use his conscience speak directly to the Might or the Spirit of Light and Universe within him. The Might was the greatest power that dwell within all living beings, the Might still is the holy power, the Might's creators was the Supreme God&the God of Light, it is the spiritual energy that role as thing is the balance and the spirit of the universe. But, since the Dark Power are created by the Evil One, its lord for lead Might-users to dark side within them&unlock the demons within their minds take control over them, and becoming forever the thralls of the Fallen God. The Dark Power or the Spirit of Darkness like the Evil One, it is as aggressive, opportunist and evil. It will use Might-users' nightmares against them, trying to force their anger or sadness or other negative emotions so that it will be amplified enough to take over their souls. But Markus believed will can across this first training, because he trained the first basic emotions control, and he had the strong heart, Markus believed Breeze will not fall to the dark side. Breeze shut his eyes and went into a meditation trance. The surrounding sounds faded away and his once tensed body went cold. He feel a blue sword in his waist disappeared and the ground beneath his seemed to have vanished. All he could hear was his heavy breathing and his body felt like it was suspended in the air. Finally, when his eyes opened, he was no longer in her backyard, but in a different world. He stood upon a barren wasteland, the grounds beneath his dried up and have little of plant lifes. The large, cold moon lit the area with an grey, white or black hue and the skies of this world are dark. Around his were many various ruined buildings. Littered around the area were corpses, most of which were unable to be identified as they were mostly killer. A strange sense of familiarity struck Breeze as he felt that he had seen this place before. The Spirit of Darkness or the Dark side within him were using one of his more recent nightmares, though he barely remembered the true horrors of it. He trudged through the deserted ruins and began to recall parts of the nightmare. The horrid sight of the destroyed buildings and dead people reminded his of his hatred for war and how much lives it destroyed, whistling wind made his cold and the eerie landscape made his pessimistic over his situation. He then began to hope that the Proving was as simple as Markus said it was. Breeze continued to walk through the ruins until a loud voice halted his movements and nearly stopped his heart. That voice had source from his back, he turn back and reverse with awe in the sight. An unknown figure has appeared from somewhere by Breeze still unknown that how it are his back. That figure are entirely blue in color, have ponytail like his friend, Alan Delmas, that glowing blue figure had golden circle float on its head and it look like a golden circles of angels, its eyes as glowing white eyes. That figure is the Light Power(Light side) or the Spirit of Light within himself, a original pure Might's power. Breeze stopped his awe and starting with the Spirit of Light and bowed it. Suddenly, have a strong storm come in situation, and both Breeze and Light Power turn out look at that storm. That black storm blowed all everything that are within situation and area, it make everything are blow out and disrupted around area. That storm starting stopped its blow and began have unknown figure appeared within storm. When storm stop of complete its blow, have unknown figure appeared, it is the glowing red figure, it have two horns on its head, its hair as the long hair and had glowing red eyes. That figure is the Dark Power(Dark Side) or the Spirit of Darkness, the unclean evil power of the fool Fallen God. the Spirit of Light said Breeze go to be hide, and both powers within Breeze had fighting, but the Spirit of Light failed and vanished. It try to turn Breeze to the dark side by its torture, but had large light power out from Breeze's body, the unknown power within him had awaken and the Spirit of Light back to save him... "(Demoman as Markus, Medic as Demokus, Scout as Breeze)
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