Godly Motley Crew Picture

Drawn: 11/3-11/6/11

Oooo goodness grief how these little spindly doodles kept coming out! In between writing papers and kicking my butt to actually draw something, this came out!

:3 Any excuse to draw them Gods from my characters' universe.

At least the ones that would interact with them the most and that I've actually got around to designing!


( Left - Right )

Green God: Lawl, I haven't come up with his name yet. But a fourth generation, God of Roads, Travel, Sea Faring, Thieves, and Navigation.

High God Atl'Ch: Primordial Spider God of Night and Darkness. Husband of High Goddess Pei-Le along with being Father of Goddess Nox and Hi'Naa, also father of God Amadeo.

God Amadeo: ( ? Still don't know name! ) Previously mortal, second generation God of Nightmares and son of High God Atl'Ch. Character belongs to ~yuushikun.

Goddess Nox: Second generation Spider Goddess of Sleep and Dreams. Daughter of High Gods Atl'Ch and Pei-Le. Sister of Goddess Hi'Naa and God Amadeo.

High Goddess Pei-Le: Primordial Goddess Fire, Souls, Rebirth, and Reincarnation. A chthonic Deity, wife of High God Atl'Ch and mother of Goddess Nox and Hi'Naa. Part of the Triumvirate and sister of High Gods Itzapapalotl and Huehueteotl.

Goddess Hi'Naa: Minor Goddess of pleasant dreams, restful sleep, and sleeping death. Daughter of High Gods Atl'Ch and Pei-Le along with being a messenger for her parents. Sister of Gods Nox and Amadeo.

High God(dess) Itzpapalotl: God of Hellish Flames, Spiritual Death and Destruction. Part of the Triumvirate and sibling of High Gods Pei-Le and Huehueteotl.

Goddess Renenet: Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity. Daughter of High Goddess Viras and another God... somewhere in the universe! (:< Sister of a War God and various others.

War God: ( ? Still coming up with a name for him ). God of Berserker Rage and Warrior Strength. Son of High Goddess Viras and another God somewhere! Brother of Goddess Renenet and various others!

High Goddess Viras: Primordial Goddess of Chaos and Light. Sister of Taiowa, Tehms, Atl'CH, and a few others. Mother of Gods Renenet and War God Dude thing!

High God Taiowa: Primordial God of Law, Justice, Victory, and Equality. Brother of Atl'Ch, Viras, Tehms, and a few others. Belongs to ~yuushikun.

High Goddess Tehms: Primordial Goddess of Order and Darkness. Sister of Viras, Taiowa, Atl'Ch, and a few others. HUUURRR.

High God Huehueteotl: Primordial God of Spiritual Birth and Creation, breathes life into all living creatures mortal and the super natural. Part of the Triumvirate, Brother to High Gods Itzapapatotl and Pei-Le. Husband to Goddess Thsa.

Goddess Ragann: Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft. Descended from a long line of nature and chthonic Deities.

Goddess Thsa: Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth! And boy does she have a lotta kiddies, especially since she's the wife of High God Huehueteotl! Both LIFE Gods, HURRR.

BLAGH! So much writing! So much writing to make me remember all their names and them pathenons!

Off to Draw... NOTHING.
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