HgU || Alkaios Picture

Name: Alkaios
Age: 23
Sex: Trans Male (FtM)
Height: 5'6" (human) | 5'8" (harpy)
Weight: 135lbs (human) | 150 lbs (harpy)
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Species: Harpy | (more info)
House: Moon
Location of House Symbol: On the stomach
Points: 0

Character's Major:

Registered Classes:

Passed Classes:


[Offensive Skills]
Flying- Of course like any normal bird like creature, he can navigate easily through the air for long periods of time. Since in his monster form he has wings he can easily glide on air and use it to move him farther without exhuasting himself.

Storm manipulation - Even thought Alkaios has extreme difficulties controling this he is able to manipulate storms to a small degree. Usually only able to make a thunderstorm close to him or light flickers of snow, he's also able to use the lighting bolts in these storms but usually it takes a large degree of conscentration to make something that can damage someone to a harsh then normal degree.

Claws - In his monster form Alkaios has the sharp talons instead of his usual feet which hes able to use to pick up others in a tight grasp or attack them with, being able to cause many alteration and lashes to the skin.

[Defensive Skills]
Wind manipulation - He can cause harsh winds around him to knocks his opponents down long enough for him to run away. Sometimes it can hurt people but nothing on a large scale, usually its just harsh enough to cause them to be unable to move without falling down. He can also calm down harsh winds for flight if needed.
[Passive Skills]
Agility - He's very quick on his feet to the point where it almost seems like hes gliding on air, he has a very easy time navigating places and making quick turns.

Keen eye - Like an average hawk, he has the eye sight thats better then 20/20 usually being able to see things far away from him.

Soul reading- Its said in ancient mythology that some harpies would steal peoples souls, because of his Alkaios is able to read peoples souls to a slight degree. With this he is able to see if peoples souls are pure or damned, making him able to judge others peoples character before meeting them though sometimes he readings are hollow and off the mark as people tend to be more complicated then just bad and good.

- Large bodies of water ( He's unable to fly out of them)
- Storms /Fog / Dust ( all cause alterations to his vision and how he flies)
- Harsh light (vision)


Personality: [ Heartless | Unfair | Strong-willed | Childish || Confident | Witty | Serious | Adaptable | Protective ]

Alkaios like many harpies is a selfish and cruel man, taking things for his own and leaving nothing for anyone else. To him the world is still a hateful place where only those who take for a living can make a living. He also feels little to no sympathy for others making him quite the heartless fellow. The harpy also has a strong sense of making any game he plays to be in his favor then the apposing team, cheating and lying is one of his strong points. This fein is also strong-willed to the point where its his way or no way and quite childish during any kind of event where people tell him 'no' . Hes childish in either the sense of being a whiny brat when he doesn't get his way or causing a ruckest for entertainment. Alkaios is also known for being extreme confident in his skills, finding himself to be loud and proud about his actions and living nothing down. 'embarrassing' isn't a word in his dictionary making it where he doesn't really point out others flaws either. Just like many harpies before him, he's also clever using his adaptive personality to take control of most situations to make sure he stay in a comfortable position. It's kinda of a secret only known to close friends but once someone is on Alkaios good side he's extremely protective to the point where if one of his friends tells him that they have a problem with someone he'll go and confront them in no time. He doesn't play around with people who harass his friends in the slightest bit.


Alkaios could never remember very much of his childhood or how he came into this life. He along with many other harpies all lived together, unknown if any of them were actually related or not but all of them knew each other as 'sisters'. There was no such things as male harpies among them. Alkaios and his sisters lived among the skies and clouds, away from human civilization but close enough to watch them interact and cause storms over them. They also lived close enough to take souls of those they deemed as horrible and take their food whenever they pleased.

He never payed much mind to them until it came to his early adult years, becoming bored with just stealing and ruining whatever they all had he decided to watch these creatures instead of mess up their lives anymore. As he watched people more and more Alkaios came to realize that he liked the idea of male bodies way more too, not in the sense of sexuality but more in the sense of wanting to have the same thing. After that realization it felt way more awkward for him to be a harpy, hang around his sister that would all call him 'she' and 'sister' without knowning of grating and insulting it was to his ears. The fact that none of them knew about this didn't settle with him either but he kept up the fake act, doing whatever he could away from them to be comfortable with himself as he faked his way through it. He lived with the secret for quite a while until he heard two other harpies joking around and talking to each other about a weird rumor they heard some humanoid creature talking about. When Alkaios forced himself into the conversation they let him in on the suppose rumor about there being a school for monsters in the Bermuda Triangle which they proceeded to laugh at finding it obsurd. However Alkaios found there words as an escape and a place were he could be himself, so when night came he made sure to pack a few things and sneak his way away from their home towards the road of a long flying trip.

Likes: Food!!! Comfortable clothing, other birds,
Dislikes: people misgendering him, baths, dogs
Relationship Status: Hes beauty, Hes grace, Hes ready to punch you in the face
- Likes all other harpies, Alkaios has the stink that reaches for miles, to cover it up the best he can he sprays himself with axe ( and i mean he dreinches himself in that stuff)
- He honestly hates his harpy form a lot and preferese to stay in his human form, as his harpy form makings binding really difficult
- Yeah he's that one dude that wears socks with flip-flops

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