Luna 2015 ref Picture

I've FINALLY finished Luna's ref sheet! This has been a work in progress for 3 or 4 days now because Luna has been a character of mine for so long! Here's an extended bio on her~

Basic Info

Name: Luna

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

Height: 5’10

Weight: 120lbs

Body shape: Triangle/Pear (wider hips with bigger butt and thighs, narrow shoulders with a smaller chest)

Sexuality: Straight-Demisexual

Species: Demon-Wolf Hybrid

Mated (and to whom): Yes, Valerius

Other Information

Accessories: Dog tag necklace, red choker, wedding ring and piercings (her ears are gauged, snake bites and eyebrow piercings).

Eye color: Left is black while her right eye is bright red.

Tongue color: Dark red

Paw color: Dark red

Fur Colors: Grey (primary, body colours), black (secondary, fading designs), red (additional, markings)

Specific markings: Scar extending on the right side of her face (starting from eyebrow, extending over her eye and ending at her cheek just under her cheek bone), she has a double line of war paint (going horizontally) on her cheeks, tribal designed tattoos covering her entire left arm, extending over the top of her left breast and ending just a few inches above nipple placement. Ribbon like markings on her ankle and calves, 2 sets of 3 bands on her right arm.

Hairstyle and colour: Bright red hair, going down in waves to the curve of her back with side bangs. [[Link:…

Ear style/length: Large

Tail length: Long (counts for 10 pounds of her weight)

Powers and abilities: Pyrokinesis (has the ability to control and manipulate fire), Erebokinesis (shadows/darkness), she has other increased abilities (speed, flexibility, stealth and agility), she is also an extremely skilled fighter/warrior with a sensitive sense of smell and hearing.


Family: Husband/Mate (Valerius), Older brother (Time)

Likes: Arguments, attention from Valerius and her children, spending time with her brother, cold, dark, mornings, night, the moon, rock and metal music, gaming, xbox, PC, 3DS, drawing, motorcycles, pick-up trucks, hanging out with friends, anime, reading, writing, black and red, fire Halloween, Christmas, mythology, astrology, WWE, sports, teasing Valerius, snuggling and kissing (only with Valerius and her children)

Dislikes: Loud noises/people, females paying too much attention or getting too close to Valerius and her brother, people hanging off her brother, arguing with people she cares for, ignorance, sexist people, girly girls, the color pink, being told what to do, parties/social gatherings, people outside her close group of friends, internet terms (ex: “swag”, “yolo”, “420”, “blazeit” and “hashtag”), bullying, campers and bots (internet term), lag, having to wait for things, judgmental people, when people touch her without permission.

Personality: She is a very tough female, often intimidating due to her personality traits and appearance and she takes pride on this fact because then chances of people bothering her decrease. She is extremely thick headed and stubborn, often getting into arguments with anyone she comes across. She is also very independent and courageous as she prefers to do things on her own, she’ll most likely refuse help from anyone as it makes her feel weak and useless. She’s extremely impulsive and impatient, blurting the first thing that comes to mind (With little consideration for others) or reacting without a second thought if she has to wait too long. It’s extremely easy to anger her, the wrong word or action can easily set her off; opposite her mate’s anger type, she is explosive. Despite her very rough and tough personality, she is extremely thoughtful and loving towards Valerius. Often showing this with love, kisses and snuggles but she is really only like this with him. She is extremely jealous of girls getting too close to Valerius, resulting in her snarling and delivering a warning to back off. She is extremely protective of her children, they’re often hidden in her tail or Valerius’ tail, hiding behind her legs, in her arms or playing close to her. She also shows protectiveness over her brother, Time, seeing many women as unworthy of him. They’ve developed a very strong, special and unbreakable bond through their time together as children and even now. They’re often seen together doing various things and they never argue or disagree as he is a calmer version of her. She tries to split her time up, but will combine her time to see both Valerius and her children along with Time.

Relationship Info

Status: Married/Mated

Length of marriage/mate: 5 years

Mate/Husband: Valerius

Relationship type: Both Luna and Valerius are stubborn and thick headed with very dominate personalities and views, this can very rarely cause arguments and stress within their relationship. Their arguments can get pretty bad and will often be followed by days of pure silence or barely talking to one another, this is for their own good, so they both can calm down. The silences/arguments never last long though (no more than 2 weeks) because without one another, they often feel lost and alone, slipping into an emotionless or depressed state. Despite the fact that they are very close and attached to one another, they spend some of, (if not most) of the day apart with doing their own things. They often push away their differences (there’s not many of them, but there are few) and can be very sensitive and considerate of each other’s views and feelings. Despite their aggressive and dominant personalities, they can be very gentle, caring, and loving to one another most of the time.. However, their aggressive and dominant personalities can come out on occasion.. Mainly in their bedroom, away from prying eyes and ears. It's ALWAYS a power struggle between the two.
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