Gypsum Application Picture

Character Theme(s): Pompeii by Bastille (…) and Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy (…)

Gem type: Gypsum

Rank: Rook

Pronouns: He/him

Clothing: Gypsum wears red armor and boots, and a red gladiator skirt. He also has red shoulder pads that is encrusted with a white diamond on each one. The shoulder pads also has some white fez on them as well.

Height: 7'03

Hair color: Dark red

Gem location: Between his eyes (just like his sister Selenite).

Weapon: Gypsum's weapon is a large red shield with a white diamond in the middle. This weapon is very useful when it comes into defense but when it's thrown it CAN make a very dangerous weapon.

Special Abilities: One of Gypsum's abilities is super strength, he is able to lift things hundred times his weight without breaking a sweat. Very much like his sister he is able to walk on water, but unlike her though he can't really read into the future, but he is able to summon his weapon from it and is able to channel his strength from his gem as well. He is also able to shapeshift (his favorite being an ox), able to spin dash, and is very much impervious to pain (due to his lack of brain capacity).

He is the older brother of Selenite (but unlike her though he acts more childish than mature).
* His design is heavily influenced on the ancient Spartan's warrior of old Greece.
*In Greek mythology one of the symbols of Selene (the Greek goddess of the moon) was the ox which is why Gypsum is able to turn into a ox.
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