-BetterThanTheOldOne- Picture

Just spend a wee bit of personal time with the digi. Ended up with piccys that make for pretty decent ID's!!

I wish I could fit all the things I like in there... so hard to think of everything o.o''

The list is...
angels, animals, anime, anthros, art, beaches, biting, black lights, bondage, books, cages, castles, celtic, cereal, chains, cirque du solei, claws, cliffs, climbing trees, collars, computers, cosplay, country, cuddling, cultures, d& d, daggers, ddr, demons, design, disney world, dog tags, dogs, dolphins, dominance, dragons, drawing, elegance, exotica, exploring, eyes, fairies, fangs, fantasy, fashion, fast cars, final fantasy, fire, fireflys, fireworks, flirting, foreplay, forests, foxes, frappicino, friends, frisbee, furries, glitter, glow in the dark, glowsticks, guys, handcuffs, hard rock cafe, horses, huskies, ireland, japan, kissing, laser pointers, leashes, licking, love, magic, magic the gathering, mangas, marine biology, midnight, mirrors, moon, music, mystery, mythology, natural disaters, night, nior, pancakes, peanut butter, pirates, planet hollywood, playing, poems, poking, potc, purple, purring, rain, reading, rikku, rock jumping, roleplaying, roller blading, roller coasters, rpgs, satin, scuba, sex, shadows, ships, silk, silver, skiing, smoothies, snow, soda, speed, spikes, spirits, stars, strobe lights, submission, sunglasses, surfing, swimming, tail spin, tails, technology, the crow, thunderstorms, tigers, traveling, tree climbing, typhoon lagoon, vampires, vanilla, video games, vocal trance, walking, water, waterfalls, wearing my boyfriends shirt, whipped cream, white roses, wild discovery, wildlife, wind, wine coolers, wings, wolves, writing.

hahahahha yeeeeeeeeeeeeah o.o''

'till next time!

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