LOTG: The Old Gods Picture

"Legend of the Goddesses" headshots, segment 1: the Old Gods.

2: Discord's Story
3: Soledad's Story
4: Celestia and Luna's Story
5: Kolassa's Story
6: Early Years of Equestria
7: Okapiopteryx's Story
8: Song Li's Story

The Old Gods are impossibly ancient beings who weave in and out of several of LOTG's plotlines. When creating this pantheon, I made an effort not to take any inspiration from any real-world mythology, 'cause they're way older than any of that. I wanted them to be chaotic, primordial, mind-boggling.

Not one of the Old Gods, but he had no other category to fit into; this quirky little time-traveler also finds himself in every one of the young goddesses' stories. He's mainly inspired by Puck from Gargoyles; I ponified that guy, added some pixie wings to make him a unique breed... Fork's appearance evolves a lot over the course of the story, so it'll be fun to do several different pieces of concept art on him.

The queen of the universe. Despite being the oldest of the Old Gods, she's the only one with an easily-defined appearance: she's a macrauchenia. Stuck with a very simplistic design, and a coloration that evokes starlight; what Celestia is to the sun and Luna to the moon, Stellaris is to the stars. Looks kinda puppety, doesn't she? Meh, I can make it work.

Carto's template was the normal mare base... her body doesn't look a thing like a pony's, but these are headshots, so you'll have to wait to see the rest of her. I tried to make her coloration look kinda dusty, and really carved her up with my pencil, especially in... whatever it is that's left of her eyes. Mm-hmm.

Hukwurm & Shifter
These two siblings are constantly shapeshifting, so they have absolutely no concrete form, so of all the forms that they appear in over the course of the story, I picked the ones that I felt defined them the most; the trilobite for Hukwurm, and the sphinx for Shifter. Technically, it should be a whole bunch of trilobites, but I don't have the energy to draw a whole swarm of somethin'...

Kane & Boll
The two-headed lord of flames and terror!!! They're filled with every single visual motif I could think of that spells "evil"; dark red, black, crookedness, a toothy beak, a lamprey mouth... and many other things not visible in the headshot. Despite that, they're not that evil; definitely some of the most fun characters both to design and to write.

The Beast
The Beast has never been fully described anywhere in the continuity, and I'm not going to spoil things by drawing him now. An eyeball surrounded by some of his gray fur is all you're getting. The pentagram-shaped pupils were inspired by TVtropes' practice of taking a trope to its logical extreme - in this case, the Hellish Pupils trope.
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