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Imagine every possible pseudoscience, conspiracy, myth, and religion. Now imagine if all of those were true and that at no point in human history did mankind ever just tell a story, use analogies and metaphors, or just plain make shit up. That is the world of Jordan Duchnycz aka Jordan Pearce. He runs a Youtube channel where he makes animations of various ideas related to spirituality: www.youtube.com/user/TheSpirit…

Of the many claims he has made, apparently...
-Crystals have emotions
-They make conscious decisions as to if they would be owned by one person or another
-Water has memory and emotions
-Water is an element along with fire, Earth, Wind,
-Humans are evolving from carbon based life into "crystalline life"
-There's a city under Egypt that can be accessed by the pyramids. Paramount (You know, movies) had this discovery hidden away
-Alien races have talked to the UN several times in the past. Kryon is one of them. "7 times in the last 13 years" according to Jordan. How the hell they went from meeting alien gods to Sarkeesian is beyond me.
-Atlantas wasn't an allegory made up by Plato but was in fact a real place. The Egyptian God Thoth was the priest king of it
-Our thoughts and emotions have an actual impact on the world and universe around us
-Being sick is due to these bad emotions
-As is any other plight mankind faces including starving children and dictatorships
-light has a shape and mass
-Scientists rounding infinite numbers to a decimal is bad because they're not "embracing the infinite". Anyone who has done a math problem that had Pi in it knows this is stupid.
-Scientists doing that is a conspiracy and if you want to see that in action...watch Black Hole....the movie.
-Humans are able to transmit thoughts to each other. Animals and humans can also mentally communicate. If you ever guessed your dog wanted a meal, it's not because it's the regular time he's fed but because you two shared a psychic connection
-The only explanation for non-verbal communication is psychic powers. The guy literally can't comprehend that geese fly in arrows or fish swim in schools due to instinct.
-When you dream, your soul is leaving your body and projecting itself throughout the universe. It's not just something that happens in your brain
-Anything involving "male and female energy"
-The Moon is hollow and made by aliens to help ancient humans survive a cataclysmic event
-Martians and jews and atlantians were at war with each other long ago
-Jews were originally from space
-From the ancient Greeks to 2012, humanity was getting dumber while the ancient egyptians and aztects were at a time when humanity was getting smarter. Just to put that in perspective, humanity invented philosophy and eventually science, medicine mathematics, advanced engineering, etc was us in the phase of "getting dumber". It's been a little over 5 years since December 21st 2012. Not much seemed to have changed.

All of this are the biggest lies stacked on top of more lies and half truths. Jordan/Spirit Science regularly misinterprets actual science and uses the same word but different definitions of that word interchangeably in order to make connections between things. Often times he'll completely jump from one subject to another and stack claim on top of claim without supporting any of it in the first place. The one thing he never does is actually properly explain what something is.

Jordan's animations aren't all that bad and the world he crafted is actually pretty interesting. Especially if you're someone who really likes lore in things. It's thus a shame he's spending his time and talents willingly deceiving people and trying to get them to believe claims that are contrary to reality. If this was an actual cartoon it might be fun (something like gravity falls meets avatar the last airbender) but unfortunately, it's little more than a myriad of lies meant to convince credulous people that the world is more than what actual science tells them and that they should hold on to those beliefs because it feels good and not on whether or not it's actually true. It's the same stupid feelings first stuff that creationists or feminists or anti-vaxxers or general conspiracy nuts try to pull.

"It's bullshit and it's bad for you."
-George Carlin
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