Anglo-Saxon Picture

There's a background to this picture.
Hwaet! (Listen!)
Shut up and sit downe!
Let me tell you a storie!
Of five strange folke I gobbe-offe!
Here tHhey... tae... they arrr:

Tjalf Strongarm the Slapper - Hidde behinde his skhielde, but stronge wid arm he is'e. He bear short, choppe, carbine-speare! Smile he doese!
Puff Ventrilofartix Vulgarisausageus - Strangelum personum, with pilum longum. Last of the Legio es.
Far he throw his pila, proud puff on his helm.
Teon Caedwalla the Punchindafaecir - Punched in the face he gets'e, by womane wit bigge titte. Güd wit sworde he foughte, when sworde firm stande.
Yrre the Radiomastheadanachroneicir - Clad in fulle maille, striped arr his pantse. Wid sworde he foughte, as well as some fellow'e wid sworde... who foughte good'e...
Würst the... dog - Hunde fierce, wid teeth sharpe as seaxe! Barke loude as lightning cracke! Barke barke! Wagge wagge! His taile wagge...


Off they trotte, Hattifnattar kille! Draken poke! At moone howle and in the face punche.
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