Mother Universe Picture

Original lineart: shewhowalkswiththee.deviantart…

Voila, I finished this picture. Took a day to do it, which I’m not proud of. And don’t say anything—I know the shading is subpar and the proportions are horrendous (that was the idea—try to get it to look like it could be actual Hindu art).

But…I am kinda proud of it. There’s a part of it that’s hideous to me, but I love it.

Recap: I’m really into the Hindu philosophy, and had the urge to sort of create my own Hindu deity. Behold, Mother Nature, or Mother Universe. Her third eye sees all, including into the core of one’s soul (the sapphire on her headdress amplifies her vision). In one set of hands, she balances the Sun and Moon; in the other set, she balances the Spirit (Atman) and the Universe (Brahman). She bears a halo of a Sun Lotus (my own creation; connection to both Sun and Earth). The headdress? The crystal blue beads represent raindrops, and the feathers represent the Animal Kingdom.

c- me

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