Pogomon Digivolution Line Picture

Pogomon, my odd little pegasus monster first seen in a dream.

Personality: Pogomon is kind, but very shy. She's easily made nervous in social situations, often stuttering when asked to speak and eventually dropping out of the conversation all together. She's very easily intimidated by almost anything, and as such often runs from battle rather than staying to fight. She is, however, genuinely concerned for others, which can occaisonally prompt her to temporarily face her fears. This act is easier for her to do in her higher levels, as she has more power and is therefore more confident in her fighting abilities (though he social skills never improve...)

Power Levels-
High: Defense
Mediocre: Speed, Endurance, Intelligence
Low: Attack


Fresh/Baby I -
Name: Airemon.
Name Origin: Spanish. Aire means air.

In - Training/Baby II -
Name: Luzmon
Name Origin: Spanish. Luz means light.

Rookie/Child -
Name: Pogomon
Name Origin: Greek Mythology. Pogo is derived from pegasus, who is a winged horse.
Type: Mythical Animal
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attack: Pogo Ball - Pogomon transforms herself into a ball of light and flies towards the opponent.

Champion/Adult -
Name: Verdamon
Name Origin: Spanish. Verda comes from verdad, which means true.
Type: Angel
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Dazzle Blast - Verdamon forms a sphere of light in her hands, from which she then shoots a multi-colored beam.
Aura Blade - The wings on her arms turn to blades, which she uses to slash at the opponent.

Ultimate/Perfect -
Name: Auroramon
Name Origin: English. Aurora comes from aurora borialis, which are the northern lights.
Type: Beast Human
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Feather Spear - The tendrals around Auroramon's horn unwrap and she shoots an energy beam from her horn.
Pegasus Wing - She creates wings made of light before her and uses them as weapons.
Great Shield - she can call up a shield of light for a brief period of time. The shield can crack and break if the attack is strong enough or Auroramon is weak enough.

Mega/Ultimate -
Name: Celestialmon
Name Origin: English. Celestial means heavenly.
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Yin-Yang Arrows - Celestialmon shoots two arrows, one black and one white, embued with energy towards her opponent.
Rising Star - She fires several, rapid bursts of fire from her bow.
Guardian Wing - Her wings glow, and from them she shoots blades made of air.

Mode Change -
Name: Celestialmon Constellation Mode
Name Origin: English. Celestial means heavenly. A constellation is a group of stars. Mode.
Type: Light Animal
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Yin-Yang Star - Two points of light, one black and one white, form in front of her before firing and spiraling around each other towards the opponent.
Golden Wing - Her wings become golden and sharp - edged, and she sends them out to cut the opponent.
Sun and Moon - Her entire body is cloaked in light and she flies down to impact the opponent.
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