Celestial Dance Picture

Well, yeeeeez. I'm uploading again after being mildly encouraged to do so.

Long story short, all year as part of my Art Class at school, we've been doing visual journaling. This was part of one of my first entries.

Done entirely with colored pencils, no outlines. Why? I was getting mad about a certain teacher's prejudice against non-realism artworks, and she kept stressing not to use outlines and blah-dee-blah. So I decided I would not use outlines.

I did this by drawing the sketch on a piece of paper, then setting up a piece of glass on a stand and putting my lamp underneath to provide illumination. Then I put the sketch down and on top of it the paper for the final work, and colored with my prismacolors within the outline on the page behind it (which showed through because of the light underneath.

So, yeah.

These guys are actually original characters of sorts of mine, don't remember at all where or when they came about. But they're very oooooold so don't laugh.

The orange one I named Phoenyx. >> He uses pyromancy and/or bursts into full-bodied flames. So literally, he explodes.

The white one is Sylph. And no, I didn't know what a Sylph was when I named him, except a corporation in Pokemon WHICH GIOVANNI TOOK OVER AND THERE WAS MUCH ADO ABOUT RESCUING IT. -rawr- But anyway, a Sylph in mythology is actually an air spirit, which kind of fits. He's kind of ghostly, he passes through walls and.....something else. I think communicating with spirits and/or healing. And this blue-white ghosty flame, similar to what Phoenyx uses, but a different color.

I told you, these are old.
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