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Maybe it's because I spent the last two days reading ,,New Moon'' (oh joy, the most irrational book I've ever read), but I suddenly found it to be a good idea to make up a lovestory, something that would fill a few years in Celers lifestory.

Valkyr is about 10-15 years older than Celer (though he looks disturbingly like a common university student from Tartu...), so their little relationship was probably considered a bit disturbing by some people. Valkyr is a dark magician (or maybe just a researcher of death and life).

They broke up for multible reasons after Celer died of unknown causes. He was probably the one, who helped her to come back to the livings, designed and gave her the pendant after it became clear that her organism doesn't work correctly anymore and that she constantly needed extra energy to stay alive. The pendant helps Celer to extract that extra energy from other humans around her and so far she hasn't found an alternative.

Then...Valkyr left. Either because Celers presence became too tiresome (after staying in the same room with her for a few hours people start feeling first emotionally, then physically drained), Celer was getting too old for him (she's about 17 atm.) or there was another woman.

But the relationship was good while it lasted. *sigh*

I asked around, if Valkyr would be the right name for him. The meaning of the name, ''chooser of the slayn'', isn't too far from truth, plus I find the sound of this name truly beautiful, also the fact that it has two meanings. But all the valkyries of Norse mythology were females, so I'm not sure if it'll be a good name for a guy...

Three people have so far said, that it's horrible.
One (my sister) insisted, that he's either gay or transsexual if he has a name like this.
Two (me included) think there's nothing wrong with it.

Celer (the female) and Valkyr (the male) © me (Cliodna)

If you have any ideas about how Celer might have died, then let me know.
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