Maybe These Murderer's Hands.. Picture

...Maybe these murderer's hands are also looking for a head
to pet and feel the weight of the world...

... 8D
Something I felt like drawing.

Okay, remember this guy? He was first seen here. Around that time I just knew he was related to Swan but didn't know how, so I wouldn't... Well, tell anyone. Now I have him somewhat figured out, and I wanted to draw a decent picture of him.

< Small wall of text story ahead. >
His name is Ruoste (Rust in Finnish). How he is related to the Swan is kinda complicated. Tecnhically, you could say Ruoste is Swan's "son".
After a really long, almost 100 years of war raging around the world, Swan had grown weak. There hadn't been many peaceful deaths to take care of, and those are Swan's duty. In war there were so many violent deaths, who belong to a different deity [still haven't figured out who THAT is], and as the other death god grew stronger, Swan grew weaker. Swan was afraid he'd be done for soon, so he wanted a successor. Being a deity, Swan could easily create a new entity. Swan had always been sad about the fact that people seemed to dread him, so he wanted to make the new death god more human-like, so people wouldn't be afraid anymore.
However, as Swan was weak when creating this new entity, he couldn't just create a fully powered death god, and had to create a baby, whom Swan gave to humans to raise. Swan was going to contact the boy when his own time would be up, but the war suddenly ended, and Swan regained his powers. Swan forgot about the new death god and continued on.
The new death god grew up among humans. He was pretty normal as a child, apart from his white hair. However, when Ruoste reached teen age, he realised he wasn't aging anymore. Slowly, over the course of some events, he started to realise that he wasn't a human.
These parts of his story are still a bit blurry since they contain a lot of contact with the god of violent death, but long story short - Ruoste developed into a somewhat demigod killer. His appearance has slowly turned more unhuman over time, but he still isn't a full deity. He is basically now Swan's enemy and the other death god's lackey, even if he purpously doesn't obey the other death god. Ruoste is arrogant, somewhat mentally unstable, and enjoys massacre. He wants to hurt Swan with his actions.
< /end story >

Btw, his red markings are just markings, just like Swan's. Not blood.

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