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From: Super Heroes Army!


Name: ‘Lu’ Rossi

Meaning: daughter of light

Origin: Lu is I, literally, just the name is the same. His name is of African origin, but the moon was the reason to receive that name.

Pet Name: smartass, unbearable, blonde, dear, angel, (Nicknames given by enemies, because friends and members of the army just call her Lu)

Gender: Female

Age: 11-18

Birthday: November 8

Birthplace: Santa Maria, Brazil

Ocidental Sign: Scorpio

Oriental Sign: Rat

Height: 1, 50 m/ 1,60 m

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Italian descendent

Blood Type: O

Eye Color: cyan

Hair Color: blonde

Hairstyle: hime cut

Health: More fragile heart (after battling Neji, in a Chunnin Exam) and cholesterol ... a little high (genetic problem: P). Apart from that, everything OK.

Energy: It depends on the situation. When it comes to something she loves, it looks like a turbine, but when it is forced to do something, just need to fall to the ground and can not get up.

Memory: Great memory to remember faces, names, concepts, moments, events as well as commitments and lyrics. But try asking a physics or mathematics formula to her!

Senses: Excellent vision.

Coordination: goods reflexes(When concentrated)

Grooming: Well-kept

Habits and Mannerisms: hand on waist and act like anime characters (like talking happy with eyes closed).

Mood: Overall, an excellent mood.


Infancy: sleepyhead baby. XD

Childhood: A hyperactive child, creative and curious, who loved to go to the family farm to go in the woods looking for animals (mainly draw attention of termites to see them on the mound and fish in the pond). Received nicknames of colleagues in class, but used to ignore. He was always anime fan, and at age 11, when the story begins, has become a sailor when she went to Japan through the Heroic Well (like the Well-come-bones, from InuYasha).


Posture: friendly, kind and sweet anime girl: 3

Attitude: determined, dreamy, lively, friendly and kind
Stability: Generally stable, few things to irritate.

Expressiveness: It is quite outgoing, but sometimes keeps some negative feelings such as restlessness, doubt and guilt. Still, even a little, it changes behavior or seeks to be alone in such cases.

When Happy: She smiles all the time, sings, jumps. Definitely, she can not contain happiness.

When Depressed: Wont be alone, and when night, she is looking at the stars, symbol of hope.

When Angry: his tone changes, and his words also (remember that bad words not enter their vocabulary). But hardly gets angry.

Talents: It is talented in drawing and singing.
Strengths: Variety of fighting styles (sailor, ninja, princess mermaid), persistence, endurance, persuasion and the struggle for life and his dreams.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, sometimes selfish, clumsy, hasty and anxious.
Fears: Fear of death and losing what/who loves.
Hobbies/Interests: drawing, singing, watching anime, studying zoology, listen to music and also likes to fly to something high (like the Tokyo Tower) and feel the wind from above, especially when she wants to be alone to think or when something bothers or saddens.
Philosophy of Life: “If at every day of your life you are like a light beam at the end of it will have illuminated much of the world.” By Osho. She chose that phrase as its motto, because it protects and prioritizes the life above all else, and dreams in "light" people with this way of thinking.
Soft Spot: Lu try to help people who are amazing and deserve to be valued more or be better off. Usually revive with Tenseiga (Sesshoumaru's sword), who did not deserve to have died, giving them a second chance. It also helps the meaning harm to repent of their errors, to turn back and follow the correct path. Lu always says it is able to forgive anything and any situation.

Cruel Streak: injustice and disrespect. In these situations she can become cruel blackmailer and not for evil, but to do the unjust and disrespectful to turn back and repent.

Favorite Colors: Pink, Yellow, Gold, white.
Favorite Animals: Birds ( paradise birds ) and felines ( cheetah )
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Unicorns, Dragons, Griphons
Favorite Places: Santa Maria, Japan, Africa, India, Indonesia…
Favorite Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint
Favorite Foods: Chocolate, pasta, lasagna, pizza.
Favorite Games: Cabal Online, Skyrim, The Sims
Favorite Musics: A song is Born, Love ~Destiny~, Born to Be, MY ALL, One Day
Favorite Bands: Ayumi Hamasaki
Favorite Subjects: Biology, literature, History, Arts
Enneagram: The Star

Symbol: Star, light

Image Song: A song is born - Ayumi Hamasaki

Vice: Lust

Virtue: Patience, Kindness

life lessons: Protect all that love, fight for the greater good, for justice and life, but do not forget to forgive all who repent of their mistakes, however bad they may be. There is nothing worse than repent and be forgiven, or worse, be punished. So never tolerate the death penalty, because mistakes are part of life, it is natural, thennor the worst person in the world deserves to die for it. Avoid all deaths to the maximum, and thus, will be preaching life. Tragedies occur always, but they are a test of strength, of overcoming. Forget the pain and suffering that accompany these tragedies. Look from another angle. The tragedies bring people together and create and strengthen ties as heroism, courage, friendship and love, making precious the deepest scars. Always look on the bright side of the tragediesbecause it only thus, will overcome.


Current Residence: Santa Maria, Brazil

Attitude: Interacts very well, but when dealing with a stranger sometimes fumbles.

Friends: Heroes and some classmates.

Enemies: Youkais, Navy ( One Piece ), Orochimaru and enemies of army heroes.

Pets: Boris(cat), Diana(cat), Spott(dog), Lady(dog)

Relationship status: Dating


Wardrobe: Your visual varies with occasion going from comfortable and frills dresses to basic jeans and shirt, but always well combined. Lu takes the colors seriously, and those uses are mostly pink, yellow, gold, white, black and blue. In winter also loves furry coats and pajamas. His formal clothes are inspired by kimonos or in of Princess clothes Althaia (his past life). Prefer always closed shoes with low heels platform.

Accessories: Starly and crystal jewelry. Also wears earrings feathers, berets in winter, hair bands and tiaras. Lu never takes his Kizuna Locket, which has a invaluable sentimental value, in addition to the healing power. Without forgetting to mention the communicator of the army. Someone watched Barbie as Rapunzel as a child? Lu asked Shen Long an equal brush, able to materialize whatever you imagine and want, except for living beings.

Collections: Lu enjoys collecting famous poems and quotes.

Education/ Achievements/Carrer/Dreams

School: Fatima
Grade: Fifth grade - high school.

Dream/Career: Lu has the dream and mission in life to become a great biologist and conservationist.
Main Goal: Establish peace and respect in the world, both between people and animals, and between the people themselves,
fighting against anthropocentrism, which makes people see the world only by the human vision.
Achievements: Besides being the leader of the Heroic Army, he became a very powerful sailor and a much admired ninja in Konoha and beyond. Through his voice and his way of being and thinking, it has also become one of the most famous respected and iconic students, not only in its class, but also in the whole school.


Powers/Abilities: Can fly and teleport.

Origin: It all started on a beautiful day when the cat Luna turned her into sailor.
Extra Anatomy: Yes! She can choose a angel wing or a mermaid tail!
Skills: sailor magical powers, sword (sometimes), mermaid princess idol, ninja hyuuga.

Alias: Sailor Starlight, Princess Althaia, Star Voice

Sailor Name: Sailor Starlight

Element: Light

Transformation Words: By the power of light, Transformation

Challenge / Introduction Words: Sailor Starlight in action! If you sow the darkness, I will sow the light!

Equipment: Light Scepter, E-Picth Headphone

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

Occupation: Super Heroes Army’s leader

Affiliation: Super Heroes Army, Konoha, Allied Shinobi Forces

Team: Team Jiraya (temporary)

Clan: Hyuuga

Rank: Chunnin

Chakra’s Nature: Wind and Water

Jutsus: Kagebunchin(Shadow Clone ), Jyuken, Jyu-Rasengan, Rasengan, Hakke Rokujūyon Shō (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms)

Mermaid Idol Songs: Battito D’Amore, Angel Song ( Ayumi Hamasaki ), Endless Sorrow ( Ayumi Hamasaki ) We are ( One Piece ), Share the World ( One Piece ), One Day ( One Piece ), Fight Together ( One Piece ), Hands Up ( One Piece ), Kizuna, July 1st, BLUE BIRD…(Ayumi Hamasaki)

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