beyond the red mist Picture

My fingers have been itching, so I decided to draw again. But unfortunately I’m rusty, so it took me a longer time to do. I wanted to depict something humanlike but not really human. This is the result. (It doesn’t really look like the original, maybe it’s because of the scanner.)

The world is filled with strange and miraculous creatures. This is one of them. That creature, depicted here, is Alycera. She is one of the last members of an ancient and almost forgotten tribe called Lycenis, being direct descendents of a mythological creature named Lycenia, who once was the personified emanation of time. But a long time ago Lycenia and most of her descendents have been erased from the surface of the world by a cruel and violent race. Neither the identity nor the reasons of the aggressors are known. Today Alycera, raised up by humans, tries to reveal the happenings of the past as well as the reasons for the massacre. So she is wandering restlessly through the world, searching for some traces and hints…
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