BIOlab Student: Anhk Picture

Name: Monday I'Anson
Alias: Monday Janson
Codename: Anhk
Age: 17
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6” 3’
Species: Human turned Mutant
Hair: Pigmentless (formerly black)
Eyes: Pigmentless (formerly blue)
Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
Family: Professor Fitzroy L'Anson (father), Karey L'Anson (mother; deceased)
Orientation: straight (and afraid to look)
Occupation: BIOlab part time student/ part time Natural History TA

Has the ability to draw all energy from the iron in a person’s blood, causing all blood vessels to conjugate into an area a part of her skin has touched, causing a massive aneurism in the affected spot and near instantaneous death. The same effect also occurs in plants, with energy being drawn from the chloroplast. This is, in effect, caused by an amino protein secreted from her skin to which no cure has yet to be discovered.

Monday I’Anson was a normal girl up until about a year ago. Well, as normal as the single child to an archaeological-scientist could be. Since her mother’s death when she was 3, her father moved her around the world from dig to dig, in search of scientific artifacts.

It was at a dig in Giza, Egypt where a divination idol was recovered when her life was ultimately changed. The artifact had several mythological stories around it, most of which involved the death deity Anubis. Professor I’Anson and his fellow scientists ignored the legends however, only concerned with the amazing amount of energy it was internalizing. So the team of scientists moved the artifact to a laboratory in Cairo where they began extensive testing.

During on protocol however, there was a bombing attack on the facility from a semantic religious faction and it caused a malfunction in the equipment. As a result there was a massive explosion in the laboratory. The fatalities were small, only three were dead, but Monday was greatly affected, losing all pigmentation in her hair, skin, and eyes. The idol was recovered, but the source of its internalized energy was no longer existent.

At first there seemed to be no other ill effects from the blast, not even any the hospital could discern. It was after she was released that she discovered that whenever she touched any plants they all seemed to wilt instantaneously. She tried to tell her father about it, but he wrote it off as poor nitrogen levels in the soil.

It was 3 months later, when she and her father finally returned from a site in the Russian Siera and she was finally reunited with her boyfriend of 3 years when the real extent of her powers was revealed. One simple kiss, and the boy was lying there, dying within 5 minutes. When her father found out he again sent her in for testing but the medical field still seemed to find nothing medically wrong with her. So the two of them starting looking outside the traditional medical field, looking for answers and a possible cure.

A year, and several institutions later, the search has lead them to BIOlab where hopefully, they can give her the answers she needs.


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