Project Anubis: Aahmas Character Concept Picture

So Aahmas is the character I am doing for this project. The mask is a bit derpy, but when I get around to 3D modelling her, I will be fixing that problem.

Her Backstory:

Aahmas was the heir to a king, however before she could take power, her father’s throne was overthrown and she was forced to flee. Before she left, she made a promise, that she would return and reclaim her rightful place as heir to the throne.

After she fled from her palace, she found herself with no plan, no friends, and nowhere to turn to. Her first thought was to go to the people in the cities and look for help. Upon arriving whoever, she wouldn’t find help, instead she found that people hated her, and some of them attacked her. She narrowly escaped with her life, and left the city.

Aahmas, for the first time in her life, was scared, and had no one to turn to. She eventually found herself surviving in the wilderness, when one night a vision came to her in her dreams.

The vision called itself Seshat, and offered her a chance at regaining what she lost, by giving her wisdom and power. This came at a cost, however. Aahmas was to pledge her will to Seshat, and serve her till death. She was reluctant, but was swayed by the visions promises.

When she accepted the offer, she was bestowed with power, knowledge, and a mask carved of bone, emblazoned with the crest of Seshat. She took that knowledge, that power, and now she uses it to carve her path to the throne which she believes is rightfully hers.

Her name means child of the moon. The moon in Egyptian mythology is representative of travellers, or pathfinders.

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