Surnii Sylaby Picture

This is my smol owl son, and one of my side trolls outside of my sessions with my moirail ;; v ;; I’ve finally finished his bio ;; v ;;

Name: Surnii Sylaby
Species: Troll
Blood Color: Jade Green
Sex: Male
Age: 7.9 Sweeps (17 Earth Years)
Derse or Prospit? : Derse
Fetch Modus: Operation Modus (Basically the game operation, may change)
Strife Specibus: Thermometerkind, later ends up changing to Scaplekind
Sprite: Owlscarfsprite (His lusus and one of his great many scarves)
Server Player: N/A
Client Player: N/A

Title: Sylph of Doom
Medium: Land of Ruins and Entropy (LORAE) (LORAE is a vast but waste land dotted with the empty skeletons of a seemingly once thriving civilization. There is little foliage and the skies are very dark and cloudy; there also seems to be an odd black mist in the air, thickening in certain areas. In the thinner region’s it is barely noticeable and doesn’t bring any problems, but in thicker areas is starts to cause tiredness, and auditory and visual hallucinations.)
Denizen: Melineo (A chthonic nymph said in Greek mythology to be a bringer of nightmares and madness)
Quest: Surnii’s quest is to release the consorts from the sickness and disorder caused by the mist created by Melineo. To do this Surnii must create a cure for the sickness before he get infected himself.
Consorts: Yellow-Green Bats that are hiding within the catacombs of the ruins, while some are sane and somewhat helpful a greater number of them are under the effects of the sickness and will attack just about anything from Surnii, to Imps, to other consorts themselves.

Lusus: Pygmy Owl (OwlDaddy)
Trolltag: greenValetudinarian (naïve or inexperienced person who’s concerned/anxious about their health)
Typing Quirk:

Lower case

O/o to Oo

T/t to +

Emoticons are used sparingly but are :>, :<, ; v ; and ; o ; (kinda birb faces)

Ex- GV: hellOo +here, my name is surnii.

Explanation of Quirk: Oo for hooting, and + for medical symbol, and lowercase cause he’s quiet.

Matesprit: Open (I would prefer a blood color higher than him simply for conflict between the views of his quadrants, but I will consider lower blood colors if they r compatible enough with him)
Moirail: Mesome Buncco (Another troll of mine, he’s under construction)
Auspistice: Open
Kismesis: Open (He does not really like the thought of kismesistude cause weak child, so this is unlikely)

Opinion on the Hemospectrum: Surnii has heavily mixed feelings about the hemospectrum. He was raised to respect it, even fear it, and believes that it does serve somewhat a purpose and provides at least some sort of order to their chaotic world, but his moirail Mesome is heavily opposed to it. It had made him begin questioning his beliefs in it.

Ancestor: The Sawbones (A jade blood who was once a doctor who proved that the road to hell is paved with good intentions­.) (Sawbones is a term used informally describe a doctor, particularly a surgeon.)

Height: 5ft

Weight: 129 lbs

Symbol: Basically it is two somewhat fancy Zs laid on top of each other cause I thought I was being witty or something cause he has insomnia, but I like it so it’s prob gonna stay.

Personality: Surnii is a very timid troll and an extreme homebody; because of his poor immune system he often refuses to go out in fear of getting sick. Another thing is that Surnii is afraid of a lot of things, though at the top of that list is getting culled. He often stays up late at night just thinking about Conscription day and how likely it is that he’s going to get a culling fork to the torso. More often than not his constant worrying and sleep deprivation is the thing that gets him sick, not going outside, but he doesn’t really realize that. Surnii has quite the submissive and non-confrontational personality that is notably rare on such a planet as Alternia. He is very much anti-violence and goes right out of his way to avoid it, even if that means agreeing with an opinion or person that he doesn’t personally agree with. Despite this Surnii is a good troll to have on hand if one needed to vent, since he’s a good listener. He is rather introverted, but once a bit out of his shell he reveals his enthusiasm for medicinal practices, and natural medicines. He also finds a great bit of joy in gardening, though by gardening he means having a room full of a bunch of potted plants, since, again, he doesn’t venture out much. He most grows herbs. Back when he was younger he used to have a dream to become a Doctor (Er the Alternian equivalent, I’ve seen it said as Doctoturer?? But that’s fanfiction, so…) but he is pretty sure that is out of reach now. He’s also rather smart and enjoys reading. He tends to actually know random trivia, and occasionally blurts it out if he’s a bit nervous.

Positive Personality Traits: Kindheated, helpful, good listener, knowledgeable

Negative Personality Traits: Anxious, hypochondriac, push over, pessimistic

Main Hobbies: Medicine, Reading, Gardening

Other: He’s an insomniac, so that will pose a serious problem concerning the dream moons

To become one of his quadrants I’ll have to look over your character’s bio and personality, and we’ll have to rp once if I approve of that. And trolls only please, he doesn’t know what a human is. Don’t feel offended if I reject your troll, they’re just not the right kinda troll for my smol owl son ;; v ;;

Surnii Sylaby- Me

Homestuck/Trolls- Andrew Hussie

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