FORECAST: The Son of Nature Picture


Jeremiah Stone


Son of Nature


Secret; while his identity is known to certain close allies, the general population is unaware of Forecast’s true identity.


[Former] Naval Officer; [Current] Hero; Call center Tech.


Chicago, Illinois


Citizen of the United States with no criminal record


Single; in a steady relationship




[Former] Global Warning, [Current] Category Seven, D.E.C. 25 Chicken Hawk and Pigeon, Evening Star, Recall, Foxtrot, Tri-Factor, The Equations, National Defense, (Fatal Kain, Thrash, Demitri, Humane, Z, Warchyld, Vigilance, Epic, Pyra, Night Raven, Primary and Secondary, Titan Black, Royal Red, Fruit Cake, Native Sun, Celtic Bolt, Turbulence, Moon Hawk, Samson, Guardian Legion, The Clown Nation, Blue Jaye and The Guard, Steel Wolf II and The New Alliance, I-Force and Angel Corps, The Vindicators, Titan The Ultra Man.


Global Warning, Overcast, Thor, and the Equinox


[Former] Global Warning; [Current] Category Seven and the Guard


Seattle, Washington


High School Graduate


Jermaine Christmas


Kringlistic Comix and Aspyre Comics


Very little of the past of the man known as Forecast has been revealed, including the exact circumstance in which he gained his vast weather-controlling abilities. Speculation as to the origin of these abilities has been varied, including theories hypothesizing that given the unique Iconography of his costume and the ornate nature of his mask. Some kind of involvement with Egyptian culture or possibly mythology may be possible. What is known is that at some point following his career in the United States Navy, Jeremiah Stone somehow gained the ability to manipulate and control the weather. During the early days of possessing his abilities, Stone inadvertently caused a massive hurricane to form off the Louisiana coast, causing substantial damage to the surrounding shoreline and the people living nearby. Shortly after, he was approached by representative from an organization known as Global Warning, and a radical environment agency, who offered him both safe haven, and assistance in understanding and controlling his newfound abilities.

For years Stone practice and trained in secret, slowly mastering his complex powers. After finally gaining the control he so desired, and adopting the code name "Forecast", he was assigned by Global Warning to lead an assault team of their best operatives.

Engaging in operations for Global Warning for years. Stone at last began to question their true motives when he was ordered to use his powers to create a storm so powerful that it would level Tokyo, as a statement to the world of the power that Global Warning possessed. Horrified, Stone defied orders, and use his abilities to wipe out the very team he had so capably led.

Since then, Stone, now allied with a heroine-on-the-run named Tempest, have sought to avoid both Global Warning’s not-inconsiderable resources and influence, while using their abilities to help mankind wherever able.

HEIGHT: 6'0"

WEIGHT: 230lbs

EYES: Dark Brown

HAIR: Black


Whenever he is using his powers, Forecast eyes turn white with no visible pulps or irises and glows.


Forecast possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (press) approximately 1 ton under optimal conditions.


Forecast possesses a number of superhuman abilities, chief among which is the ability to manipulate the Earth’s weather patterns to create any metrological effect he desires. He has been observed to summon and control storms with wind intensities exceeding Category 5 hurricanes (sustained winds greater than 155 mph), which can cover an area ranging from several thousand miles, to a much tighter area of only a few feet. At the most concentrated, the wind generated is intense enough to bore a hole through a 20 foot block of solid concrete, or deform solid steel.

By carefully controlling the wind, Forecast can fly either himself or other at speed s, equivalent to the maximum intensity he can generate, or at which he can still breathe. To date, he has been observed as being able to fly comfortably at speeds approaching 300 mph, with brief periods of near-supersonic bursts. Forecast can only remain in flight at altitudes where the planet’s atmosphere remains thick enough to allow him to manipulate it.

Forecast’s ability to manipulate the weather allows him to generate a variety of naturally occurring phenomenon, including torrential rain, hail, snow, sleet, and radical fluctuations in local temperature and humidity levels. By careful concentration and the proper application of climactic effects compounded on top of one another, he would be able to produce a runaway storm which may extend beyond even his ability to maintain control.

Forecast also possesses the natural ability to sense weather and climactic conditions planet wide. He maintains a subconscious awareness of the Earth’s atmospheric well-being at all times, with a significantly more focused awareness locally. This ability extends to other planets to which he has traveled in the past as well.

Forecast possesses the ability to generate and control electricity and lightning. He can consciously manipulate electrical fields, charges, currents, and the Earth’s electromagnetic field in a localized area. He can generate electrical bolts from his hands or lightning from the sky ranging from unnaturally-high levels to a simple static shock. Additionally, his control over electricity and electrical impulses allows him to manipulate devices using electricity for power, and as such is able to remotely-control them or hack into computer systems.

Forecast’s body is highly resistant to damage, and can endure medium-caliber projectiles and significant blunt-force trauma without injury. Additionally, his body possesses a natural resistance to any negative effects of the weather he may generate, automatically adjusting itself to maintain in perfect equilibrium regardless of his surrounding temperatures or conditions.

Artwork done by: Skywarp

Profile Layout done by: UrsaMagnus

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