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This is one of the Demon Seeds of Evil. They're created by Council of Evil which is made of every evil of both Norse mythology and every foe Hiccup has ever faced throughout the franchise.

The leader is Loki's daughter Hel because frankly the saying isn't "Hell knows no fury like a woman scorn' for no reason. That and she's a goddess so she's immortal and she's got dark magical powers? Not to mention if the men didn't put her in charge she use her ice magic and freeze their balls off and they painfully cut them off!

So all again all the evils of the Nine Realms both Immortal and Mortal. All the dark gods, goddess and monsters of the myths and all the evil humans and dark dragon souls that Hiccup's faced and thwarted make up this Council of Evil and they all play some kind of role on this Council.

The main objective of the Council is of course to upset the delicate balance of good and evil and pretty much wipe out good and let evil reign supreme and destroy all that is good. They want to control everything! Time, space and reality and make it a dark and twisted version to match their likens.

They've been working for a millennium to accomplish this goal and they really been working extra hard to destroy Hiccup and his family because they fear he will fulfill a prophecy made by Odin's wife Frigga. "The Dragon Soul Prophecy" so they done as much damage as they can and keep doing all they can to prevent the fulfillment of this prophecy.

One of their crimes was damaging the timeline beyond repair so many bad things happened in a butterfly effect. That will be fully explained in the story when we get to the end. But let's just say many innocent lives were killed and many events that should've happened didn't happen and many bad things happened that should've never happened at all. For all people both the humans and the dragons.

But to further their agenda they have these Demon Seeds of Evil. These little nasty creatures are made up from the darkness in their hearts and given life in Hel's icefire in her throne room. Basically these little demons are the little voices that influence bad behavior bad choices and slowly make us become evil by poisoning us with that little bit of icefire's demonic energy born out of evil!

Some people can fight them off others are far more susceptible to them. So that demonic little boy Rolian who summoned the demon dragon Krashath to attack Toothless' wife Moon Shadow and Hiccup's sister Una? He was yes a bit mentally ill but wouldn't be nearly this bad if this little demon hadn't taken hold of him.

Only way to get a demon out of a person who can't fight them off themselves is to have a Valkyrie remove them and preform a cleansing on the person.

So yeah the Council of Evil will sink to any depth to achieve their goals and don't give a damn about how they achieve their goal as long as they achieve it!

So Hiccup, his family, all their friends and the dragons have their work cut out for them at then end of the story to defeat the Council of Evil once and for all!

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