Purity Dawning Picture

Something I did on a whim today. Originally, I thought I'd do a piece with my Sailor Wond and ~callisto-chan's Sailor Selene, since she's close to getting all her senshi up, and I realized a connection to each one. I had planned on doing a piece for each of them, but that'll come later. I was planning on doing it where Adrianna and Christine were shopping in New York, but, for some odd reason, decided I didn't want to do that.

Still, though, the head I had sketched turned out nice, so I continued sketching, deciding to go ahead and make it Sailor Selene anyway. That turned out nice, as you can tell, but I had too much white space. So then I added Sailor Eos, since the two of them are basically complimentary senshi. Heck, they have the same power, even, just one's white and one's pink. The title of this piece refers to the fact that Selene's power is pure light, while Eos' is new, or dawning, light. In mythology, Selene and Eos are sisters, and thus, very connected.

So, yeah, Selene and Eos, yay. Selene looking overly confident and Eos looking worried. Selene is good, and Eos is evil. So many parallels.
I did this piece on pins and needles, certain the site was going to get updated before Callisto-chan saw this, and could put it in the update, and thus, it'd have to wait until next update, but, thus far, she hadn't. I'm thinking she's not as far ahead as I thought, but whatever.

All in all, I do actually like this, and I hope you do as well, Callisto!

Sailors Selene and Eos ©
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