Sailor Sekhmet Picture

Name: Dendera Subira
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Bio: Den is the elder of the Subira twins. With a fiery attitude Den is a fierce opponent in battle and deadly when someone she protects is harmed. Den is slightly more aggressive then her sister Ebon and has to save her countless times when she gets in over her head. She is the main bodyguard of the pure blood descendant of Pharaoh Amasis, Egypt's 5th ruler of the 26th dynasty. She is the one to fight when things get dangerous, and protects her king at all costs. For her ferociousness and wanting to protect her king she was given the power to become Sailor Sekmet: Goddess of warfare.

This is the seventh Egyptian Sailor Senshi I've made via [link]

She's based on the goddess Sekhmet of Egyptian mythology.

Update: I've updated the Senshi to fit my view of a more Egyptian style: cool to help with the heat(no stockings), and less frills and bows. Plus I've changed this color scheme.
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