Coatlicue Picture

Coatlicue (Skirt of snakes) is the primordial goddess of the earth also known as the mother of gods having given birth to 400 gods and goddesses, who became the moon and stars after they attempted to kill her to abort the birth of a god she became impregnated with by a feather she found. Her Children cornered her on top of a mountain but before they could kill her, Huitzilopochtli leaped from her womb as a full grown man in armor and armed with a flaming snake shaped club. He fought and killed all 400 of his older brothers and sisters, tore there heads off, and threw them into the sky were they became the moon and stars. Soon after Coatlique gave birth to the new incarnation of Quetzalcoatl and his twin brother Xolotl.
She is depicted as having a head that resembles two snakes joined at the noes, arms...that are also snakes, big feet...that also look like snakes, her breasts are depicted as hanging flaccid from her many pregnancies, and she is adorned with a necklace of human hands and hearts....I bet for mother's day her children give her actual hearts, except for Quetzalcoatl who's disgusted by human sacrafice...he probably still gives her something thoughtful.
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