Species concept - Avians Picture

Some avians of Theria, Most already presented, some not, and this is not the full list

From left to right:

1- Tengu

The tengus are one of the most ancient civilizations at Nittou Empire, and previsouly called themselves as Tengu Empire. The end of their Empire was thanks for a sudden magical shortage, that rendered their main prosperity souce, the airships, useless. The subsequent wars and conflicts at the Nittou archipellago were the last breath of the Tengu Empire, and today every tengu lives in a unified Empire under the rule of the Kaguya Family, whom is said descended from the moon to end the Archipelago's conflict.

Tengus are birds with human shape, having both arms and wings, independent from each other, they are fully erect and have the proud to have teach the way of warrior and culture to the humans, soon they arrived at Nittoini Archipelago. They have some innate magical ability.

2 - Norobito (Avian version)

Norobito means "cursed person", and that is what they are: Humans that was cursed for some bad things they made, or their parents did. So, they are somekind of lycanthrope. most of them just have a animal head. Mages and magicians says it is because the curse spells consummes very much magic, and the "full transformation" happens only to the ones that made something very, very unforgivable, and was very, very hated to the caster.

There are not only avian Norobito, as they can have any animal traits.

3- Hengeyoukai (Avian version)

Hengeyoukai are very similar to the Norobito, and means "Shapeshifting Creature", and are essentially animals that born with a innate magical ability and higher inteligence. Curious by nature, Hengeyoukai usually learns shapeshifting first and tries to disguise themselves as human to interact at society. Less than 0,5% are genius enough to master the shapeshift at first attempt. The other 99,5% tries to do it with half comlete transformations and are bullied by the humans because it.

This links to the second innate spell that Hengeyoukai learns: Curse, and they don't hesitate to use it on these biased humans... and the results are explained above
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