Yajati Azrion Picture

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Name: Yajati Azrion
Trollhandle: alarmedApis
Blood: Rust red
Gender: Male
Symbol: Ox
Strifespecibus: Cattleprodkind
Fetchmodus: Scream
Lusus: An emaciated cow with seven legs. Current name is Slendercow
Moon: [Pending]
Land: Land of End and Wire
Title: Bard of Myth

Your name is YAJATI AZRION and you are a miserable excuse of a troll IN ALTERANIAN HISTORY. On top of being an expendable peasant, as your blood signifies, you have ABSOLUTELY NO SKILLS aside from being a PESSIMISTIC piece of **** who frequently FLIPS THE **** OUT in a panic. In fact the only reason why you haven't been mercy culled yet is because of your TERRIFYING LUSUS.

The causes behind your constant paranoia over practically nothing is two-fold. The main source is your above stated Lusus which you keep chained in a seperate room. The other is your ADDICTION TO HORROR AND SLASHER MOVIES. It innocently started as a way to liven up your boring, peasenty life-style and you've been hooked ever since. Sure you tried to watch happy movies but after spotting a hanged grub in the background of 'Troll Wizard of Oz' you gave up on happiness in general.

On the bright side (although you doubt their is one) you have gained an incredible depth of knowledge on URBAN MYTHOLOGY which you sometimes refer to whether it's been DEBUNKED or NOT.

As stated above, your trollian username is 'alarmedApis' and you type 'as fast as you can cause you never know when-OHCRAPWHATWASTHAT?WASTHATSLENDERCOW?OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP!!!!!!'
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