Lilith: Hunt Picture

Princess Lilith from the Court of Pandemonium is kind of a free spirit, and sometimes finds the strict Court rules suffocating; moreover, she shares with the Seven Satans the need to feed on Mortals to strenghten her powers: while the Satans feed on their respective sins, she needs to feed on the virility of men. Thus, to have a taste of her own freedom and to eat, she often flies to the Sublunar World to act as a Succubus, a nightly Demon who seduces men to feed on their energy. After luring her victim, shed of her royal clothes, she’s now getting ready to seduce him, to actually feed on him. Perhaps he’s kind of seeing it coming, as he’s a bit intimidated now…

Photo two of the Lilith miniseries, a side profect of my Infernal Lords with my dear BriarRose back to her role as Lilith. I guess this is the most explicit photo I’ve taken so far, but I don’t see it as vulgar anyway: BriarRose’s very classy also when it comes to more explicit poses.

Photo, editing: Me
Concept: ~BriarRose9 and Me
Model: *nerode and ~BriarRose9
Styling, hair, make up: ~BriarRose9

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