Lord of the Underworld (sketch) Picture

Lord of the Underworld (sketch)

God... I really love drawing Pluto.... So I got bored and this popped into my brain, Pluto dressed more like the god she was named after. And you are probably wondering what the heck is with all those jems, coins, and stuff is scattered about? Well fun fact Pluto/Hades is not only the ruler of the underworld in Roman/Greek mythology, but also the god of the wealth of the Earth (meaning precious stones and metals). Also you may have noticed these little faces poking up from the skulls on her chair, those are three of Pluto's moons who are personified as hamsters (they where originally cats but I don't like cats that much and hamsters are cuter and seemed more fitting) any way... Who's who!(from left to right) Nix (looks freaking adorable), Charon ( gave him the hat that people that drive the gondolas in Venice wear) , and Hydra (has glasses and little hair curls as a reference to one of my friend's characters who goes by the same name ;3 ). I should also note Pluto is grinning, that is a bad sign, if she grins like that you need to run.

This particular personification of Pluto (c)
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