Mimiteh the Forest Guardian Picture

Just an original idea I had, although I have been influenced greatly by the TLK fandom.
Mimiteh is chosen by the Great Spirit to become the next forest Guardian, and is the first Puma to do so. At first she's a little reluctant to take up such a mantle, because she was taught as a cub that she must always be alone and trust no one. Yet the current Guardian knows better, especially after she saved the life of another forest animal, that her heart has the courage, strength and kindness needed to safeguard the secrets of the forest and protect the balance of nature.
Her name means "New Moon." Like how the Lion King uses African names, because she's a Native North American species, I've chosen a Native American name for her. Some of the beliefs I think would be at least loosely based off Native American mythology. Also, the greatest threat to the forest is none other than man.
More on her later...maybe...if I feel like it...but for now here's a nice picture of her standing at sun rise with the leaves blowing in the wind. I tried to do some trees but, they looked meh so I took them out. Right now this story is more of a concept than anything. Not sure where I'll go with it, if I will at all.

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