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Species: Dawnweaver
Name: Quilo (Lolo, Ki, Fuzzbutt, Kiki) - Pronounced ‘Kee-low’ - Allegedly means ‘north wind’ in Ancient Skimmer Mythology (Roman Mythology IRL)
Gender/ Preferred pronoun: She/Her
Orientation: Undefined as of yet
Age (Estimated): 14 (at time of current Grotto, seeing as Olive is 21)
Traits (oh boy):
Dawnweaver Cloved Hooves, Antenna, and Tail (Basic)
Wysp Fluff (Common)
Skimmer Wings (Common)
Darter Runes (Rare)
Terran Crystal Mutation (Rare)

Inherent Trait - Icy Wind - Heavily linked with her Runes trait. When she uses it, she can create blasts of wind, varying at many different temparatures. She can find a lot of creative ways to use it - freezing water to walk on, blowing little leaf-messages, that kinda stuff. At her coldest so far she's managed to freeze over some of the lake by their home to skate on. Sometimes, she can create snowflakes or hail to go with it, usually in damp/rainy settings. She's the envy of many a Grottoling in Summer.

Bio: Quilo is a bookish kind of Dawnweaver. Living with Olive means that she's usually well-informed on most subjects, and she has a keen eye for detail. Underneath her icy exterior, however, she’s a cheerful, well meaning little nerd.

Quilo was the first Dawnweaver that the Modern Grotto ever saw, which earned her a lot of strange looks as a kid. She - and the rest of them - have outgrown it by now.

She lives with Olive, her adoptive older brother. He found her egg as a child and the family raised her from there. They're very close to each other, and work well as a team. They talk to each other about worries, help each other with projects, and discuss books together.

She’s quite good friends with Honeybreeze and Elemyn. She doesn't get along as well with ‘cousin’ Little Wonders, but they do like each other. Jam creeps her out a bit, but she often goes to him for advice and information on spirits, history, healing methods, and the like.

Quilo won't let you know it, but she adores small children. It's just the way they laugh and smile and fix you with their adoring eyes and beg for that berry that you're holding…..she can't resist them.

Many think that Quilo isn't completely there in the head, and it's true - she's a bit of a dreamer, thinking up stories and characters every minute and randomly dashing off to scribble them down on a piece of paper or the nearest wall.

She enjoys reading a lot, and is an amateur writer. She's also a fairly good artists, although she never considered either as a possible career.

Quilo has a long history of accidentally losing things (including herself, at one point.)

She can be very graceful, and is pretty eloquent. She likes ice skating.

Once she was almost eaten by an owl. She harbours a distaste for large birds to this very day.

Quilo dislikes Darters due to past experiences, but she can get along well with those that she considers friends.

History ~ Stage by Stage:

Stage Zero - Egg - 0 years old (Olive 7 years old) -…

Olive is returning from a trip with his parents when he gets lost in the woods. Long after dark, he comes across a strange, glowing egg, cold to the touch. Scared that he might have found a dead egg, he puts his ear to it - there is life inside. Being the good, morally competent child that he is, he carefully rolls it back home with him. It takes the entire night. When his parents, worried sick about the disappearance of their son, find their exhausted child on their doorstep, tired but proud with a strange blue egg beside him, they are both relieved and confused.

News travels fast, and soon enough the entire Grotto has heard of this strange egg. Darter scientists are over every day to check on it to make sure it's healthy, and his parents aren't helping either. All Olive wants is to be alone with his family and his new baby sibling, and gets very protective when they try to pry it away from him. He takes care of it, wrapping it in blankets and heating it up before he leaves for school. When he does his homework or his reading and sometimes even sleeping on especially cold nights, he'll curl up around it and just lie there listening to his own heartbeat.

Stage One - Baby - 0-4 years old (Olive 7-11 years old) -…

Eventually the egg hatches. Olive comes home from school one day and is chilling with the egg when he hears a loud cracking noise. After about two hours of hurried flurrying and and screeching, Olive hatches the tiny precious thing along with his parents. She is small, and blue, and Olive loves her. Before the Darters arrive up to check on her, they name her Quilo, meaning ‘north wind’, and Olive proudly declares that he ‘has a little sister now’. Of course, the Darters come and go, and at last Olive is left alone with his new sister. He goes to sleep curled up around her like he did with the egg.

For the first four years of her life, Quilo is a delightful child. She's small, bouncy, giggly, and enjoys shiny jingly things, like bells. Olive plays with her as much as he can, but schoolwork and books are beginning to take up more of his time. She finds ways to entertain herself, like venturing out into the forest and running around the house yelling. She's also showing promise as an artist, an admittedly shaky one, but a confident one nonetheless.

Stage Two - Child - 5-8 years old (Olive 12-15 years old) -…

It's a particularly cold day in Winter, and Olive and Quilo are in their bedroom reading and drawing respectively, when it suddenly starts to snow. Quilo, or Lolo, being excitable and already obsessed with Winter and snow as it is, starts bouncing around and yelling that they must, MUST go out and have fun. Olive, despite hating the cold, obliges, and ten minutes later the pair are out in the woods having fun. They have a snowball fight, build snowbreezies, make snow angels, and stay out far longer than Olive intended them to. They're playing hide-and-seek, and the woods are getting darker, and the snow thicker…...and Olive loses track of Lolo. He spends ages out in the cold blizzard trying to find her, and just as he is about to return home for assistance he hears a ‘squeak’ of surprise and a flash from nearby. He tracks down his sister; he can't see her properly in the blizzard, but something looks different.

When they eventually get home, it turns out that Quilo has suddenly grown Wysp fur. This confuses everyone except Quilo herself, who bounces around singing at the top of her lungs about how awesome she is to have done that. Unfortunately there are more examinations to be had, to Olive’s dismay, but they eventually conclude that Quilo is safe and healthy and hand her back to her brother.

Stage Three - Preteen - 9-12 years old (Olive 16-19 years old) -…

By this time Quilo is starting to become a lot more like Olive, in the sense that she's beginning to become a bit less social and now prefers to just read or do schoolwork. Despite this, she's still very adventurous and bright, and enjoys the company of others.

One morning, Ki (Quilo has outgrown ‘Lolo’ and now prefers ‘Ki’) is reading a book about aerodynamics, and suddenly decides that she wants in. Packing up her books, a large scarf, and a woolly hat, she heads out into the woods to attempt flying, even though she has no wings. Ki invents many ways to try and fly; strapping herself to leaves, leaping onto small birds, running very fast with a makeshift glider on her back, but nothing works. Nearing the end of the day, she's almost ready to accept defeat, when she meets a small moth that lands on her books and stares at her challengingly. Quilo is pretty imaginative, and she somehow takes this look as motivation. She was Quilo, she wasn't going to give up! She steels herself, focuses on her heart and her will, and……...suddenly, with the same flash that gave her her Wysp fluff, she has wings. Much shrieking follows, and she spends ten whole minutes just hyperventilating in the clearing. During this period, she decides that she likes the moth, who she has nicknamed Frosty, and when she dashes home she takes it with her. Of course, Olive is pretty shocked when his sister once again shows up with a pair of shiny Skimmer wings and a moth on her back, and it takes a lot of explanation before he fully understands anything. At one point, Quilo deduces that ‘the Skimmer wings must come from you, Olive!” and suddenly the guy feels a whole lot better about himself.

Soon after, Reina shows up in the Grotto. It had turned out that she had been surveying Quilo’s progress, and seemed pleased with how they'd raised her. Apparently Quilo had been a missing egg, the egg that Olive had found and raised on his own. Ki, of course, is delighted to finally meet another Grottoling just like her. It takes a lot of explaining, but at last they have adequate information about Ki and her species.

Stage Four - Teen - 13-17 years old (Olive 18-24 years old) -… - CURRENT FORM

Quilo takes a bit of a turn in her teen years. She becomes a lot more shut up and antisocial, preferring to just read and study instead of chatting with friends. She does, however, remain fairly social, preferring to stick to a group. She's calmed down a bit as well, but still gets excited over various things. Oddly enough, she's also become a bit sarcastic, but still pretty cheerful overall. She still gets childishly excited about snow.

When she had just turned 13, Olive moved away from home. The pair quickly discovered that they could only just bear living without each other, so after a lot of parent-begging and negotiating, Quilo moved in with him. Because Olive now has his own house, he has friends over alot, and Ki is actually quite good friends with Honeybreeze and Elemyn now. Olive is also terrible at keeping his house clean, even if he does try, so Ki helps him out around the house a lot. They still retain a pretty close brother/sister relationship.

Her runes have a less interesting origin story than all her other traits; there was a bad storm that kept blowing into her house, and she simply got frustrated with it and wished that she could control the wind. You can probably guess where it went from there.

Stage Five - Adult - 18+ years old (Olive 25+ years old) -…

In the future, Quilo definitely mellows out a bit. She's become a lot less study-oriented, and prefers to spend time with friends. As it turns out, she has a love for small children, so she becomes a teacher and specialised tutor for low-performing or otherwise setback kids. She's got a very calm voice and demeanour, and even if she may seem icy at first there's an unmistakable twinkle of warmth in her eyes. She has a very nice laugh. Her Wysp fluff makes her an excellent snuggle-target for the children, and she can often be found reading to her students. In her spare time, she likes to draw, and write a bit too.

Her crystal coat came from a night when she was watching the sunset. She had had a long day out on a trip with her class (she was only a teacher in training then) and has taken some time in the evening to -*ahem*- chill out in one of her favourite spots, the branch of the old tree by the lake that their house was built in to. When the moon fell on the ice, she thought that it was so inspiring that something as cold as ice could be so beautiful that she decided that she wanted to shine too, hence the crystal coat (she goes and paints it afterwards (the lake not the coat.))


Spending time with Olive
The sound of rain on the roof
Shiny things
Young children
The sound of laughter

Large birds
Boring days
Being uninformed about matters that concern her

She has pieces of her eggshell as a memorial to her birth
She enjoys berries
Once an owl tried to eat her
When it rains she'll sometimes just lie in her bed and listen to the rain
A running joke between her and her friends is about how uncool she is
She has a very loud voice
Great at giving speeches
Her smile and her laughter are very, very contagious
Deep down she…..isn't insecure at all
Her favourite books are fantasy-adventure books (her absolute favourite would probably be the Grottoling adaption of The Letter For The King by Tonke Dragt, which is a great book and you should read it)
She’s very much a morning person
Ironically, once when she was little she fell very very ill with pneumonia.
She can be a little arrogant at times
She can come off as intimidating at times; when she look serious she looks very, very serious
Her hobbies include ice-skating, drawing, and visiting historical sites.
Quilo is actually a very fast, elegant flier - whether it's natural talent or because she uses her Runes to boost herself is up for debate.
When she was smol she took some dance classes. She didn't go far in them.
Quilo likes swimming. She can withstand colder temperatures than most other Grottolings.
Quilo has no aversions to warmer weather and seasons. In fact, she enjoys them as a welcome break to the cold. Even the Ice Dawny gets cold enough sometimes!
An affectionate nickname from when she was a child was 'Frosty the Snowmare'.


Well this project was…… an experience. An 18 hour long experience, in fact.

Surprisingly enough, I don't have much to say about this.

Oh wait.


also I promise you that there is a crystal texture in the last frame, look closely

The title and the idea for this came from listening to Always Gold by Radical Face on repeat for two days.

So, um, enjoy?

19 frames long
Bio 2340 words long
18 hours total
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