Charles Adela Picture

Charles Adela(Romanian meaning noble) is claver ,intelligent 100 year old vampire that happens to enjoy the company of young women and girls. Charles is usually a laid-back vampire that just likes to make love to women. Even though he enjoys to have a fun night life, Charles dose when to get serious. He dose care deeply for his younger brother Eric charging his best to be good infuse for Eric; though Charles and Eric would usually tizzy each about their own faults. He dose join Rose and Alexander in saving people from evil.
Charles likes: beautiful young women, wine, ale, making love to women, traveling, and moon light.
Charles dislikes: chastity ballets, rude people, up tight people, and people who enjoy other peoples pain.

Fun fact about Vampires. Even though most horror movies
say that vampire dies when the sun rises, it's really bulls$*t. Its really something Hollywood made up. The reason why I am telling everyone on this page this because I hate it when people muss up good mythology. That's why, though I am sorry if, I offend anyone by being blunt.

Charles Adela belongs to me
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