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Muttrosaurity the Terrible Bloodhound


Muttrosaurity is a gigantic dinosaur-like bloodhound Demon God that once terrorized in the far off ancient past. More beast of servitude than sentient being, Muttrosaurity was a monster that lent its services to whoever summoned him. In exchange for the blood of fifty thousand mortal sacrifices, Muttrosaurity would hunt down anyone or anything a summoner requested of him. For fifty more sacrifices, Muttrosaurity would bring whatever he was sent after alive. The target however had to be found within a day otherwise he would he kill the one that summoned him.

To extend the limit for one more day or more, five hundred more sacrifices had to be offered per day. However, the limit could only be raised up to five times. After that point, Muttrosaurity would kill the summoner and everyone around them in a given radius. Also the concept of a day depended on the rotation of the planet he was summoned on. It was good thing if the planet he was summoned on either rotated more than twenty four hours a day or was one of those planets that didn't rotate at all due to being too close to a sun, but a bad thing if the the planet rotated a few hours or so.

However even with limit increasing and the exploitation one could use then against Muttrosaurity, he was a fickle beast. If he felt that he had been tricked via a wild goose chase or otherwise, he would not only kill the summoner and everyone around them in a even greater radius, but he would also hunt down and kill everyone that was related to the summoner regardless of wherever or whoever they were. The extent of the relationship apparently depended on DNA to a certain point. The exact point however seemed to fluctuate between the few that dared to trick Muttrosaurity. Regardless, the thing was that the more closely related one was to the one that dared trick Muttrosaurity, the higher the chance you'd be killed.

Muttrosaurity did all this because he was a beast of the hunt. He relished the thrill of the hunt and the joy he got when finding his target. Apart from those who wanted to hunt things down for whatever reasons, he was usually summoned by those who had grudges against others and thus he was often used as a form of revenge. What was stupid though was that sometimes someone would summon him to do a deed, only to be hunted down later when someone else summoned Muttrosaurity as revenge. And then he would then be summoned as revenge for that revenge and so forth like a bloody ping pong match. For Muttrosaurity, he had no real loyalties.

Not summoning him in first place would be a good thing for everyone, however even then he would still be a monster. When not hunting, he tended to eat moons or at least what passed for a moon. Though he didn't necessarily ate moons in one gulp, the chunks he did tear off often caused gravitational anomalies towards the planets the moons belong to. Also what constituted as a moon also included those moons that were lush and inhabited. Due to this behavior, it is often theorized that he was one of the reasons for myths about giant dogs eating celestial bodies.

Due to the way he worked back then, the only real way to stop Muttrosaurity after he was summoned without anyone getting killed afterwards was to outright defeat him or at least force him to flee with his tail between his legs. However the person or thing that had to defeat Muttrosaurity would have to be something he never encountered before or something he underestimated. If he was pitted against something that did not meet those criteria, he would consider himself tricked and thus much bloodshed. Due to the way this worked, many would be heroes of the ancient past would let themselves be targeted, despite considering the moral implications of summoning Muttrosaurity in the first place, in order to make a name for themselves. This either worked or worked as much as a skinny normal person trying to stop an incoming comet with one hand.

Though he would run away if faced with an opponent he could not defeat, there was one opponent that Muttrosaurity would always go after regardless of the situation. That was Killamainja Uhgyandios the Titan. Despite being monstrous and beast-like, Muttrosaurity felt uncharacteristically honorbound to fight a being like Uhgyandios who had certain morals. Sometimes he would win and sometimes he would lose, it didn't matter to Muttrosaurity as the battles were glorious. One of the most notable battles between the two was when Muttrosaurity bit Uhgyandios' right forearm off. The testament was how dangerous Muttrosaurity was when not bound by certain rules. And as for Uhgyandios' own personal thoughts of the matter. He didn't see any of their confrontations as honorable. He was just doing his job of protecting innocent lesser races. The whole right forearm thing was him sacrificing something in the midst of battle in order to protect an inhabited moon from being devoured by a Muttrosaurity who felt like cheating abit.

For eons, this was Muttrosaurity's modus operandi. Hunt and fight Uhgyandios on the side. That however all changed when the Titanomachy happened. As monstrous as Muttrosaurity was, he never really lashed out to a completely monstrous extent. When the primordial war happened though, he was forced by powers greater than him to kill everything whether he was summoned to hunt or not. Fortunately he was captured and imprisoned by his mortal foe, Uhgyandios. Despite all his monstrosity though, Muttrosaurity was an animal at heart and his actions as an animal during the Titanomachy clearly and honestly showed to everyone why he decided to kill everything in sight. He was afraid. The powers greater than him was something or someone so powerful that it forced Muttrosaurity to kill without the need of some sacrifices beforehand. It was really that powerful and Muttrosaurity best showed it most. The scary part however was not something like Muttrosaurity was scared, the scary part was that other Demon Gods had the exact same reasons he had during the Titanomachy and they had higher intellect than the monster that was Muttrosaurity.


Not sure if anyone would see it but Muttrosaurity's body consists of two T-Rex bodies conjoined together almost like that horror movie Human Centipede. I have not seen that movie by the way, just certain trailer scenes. It's abit too squicky for my taste especially considering I like the Saw movies.
I had always had Muttrosaurity in mind when I created the Titan Uhgyandios. He was an idea that I planned to flesh out later if given the chance.
When I wrote this, I couldn't help but felt a certain parallelism between Uhgyandios and Muttrosaurity with Tyr and Fenrir of Norse mythology. The whole hand biting thing being the most prominent thing of course.
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