Strix - I Don't Know How to Title This Picture

Yay dark-ish images! I love crazy characters. ^^
I didn't add his wings, to lazy.

I've touched on this before when I was still not sure if I should include the meaning behind Strix's name into his character, but I've since found a way to make it fit without damaging my original idea of him being shy and timid.

A strix is a bird from Roman Mythology that eats human flesh, mainly from children and seduced men, but for my Strix I just have him go for everyone.

I decided that this is an involuntary action. Like how a man is triggered by a full moon to become a werewolf, Strix is triggered by raw meat to become vampire-like. For the most part, he can avoid going into this state, but if any bit of raw meat or a dead creature is nearby, it is hard for him to resist.

Usually he goes for everyone, but the first time he became like this in front of his girlfriend (now wife), Adela, he offered for her to join him. It seems if he feels a close relationship with someone, he expects them to help him hunt when he's in this state.
He hasn't gotten like this in front of his son yet.

Thanks, Accabear , for telling me to give him shark-like teeth. I think it works! Birds are descendants of dinosaurs after all!

How to tell when he's insane: Dark colored eyes, sometimes have a black sclera, like you see here, but not usually, his hair & feathers are also a darker shade. These changes are subtle, so you need to really know him to see these changes.

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