What Influences Me ??? Picture

More MEME nonsense...I dun wanna draw right now.

1. Disney

Disney as been a part of my life since before I was even born. When my mom was pregnant with me, my dad would put his giant head phones on my mom's belly and play the DISNEY FANTASIA sound track tape in his tape player, he had bought specifically for ME. So, I was pretty much a brain washed Disney crack head since I was in the womb. Disney has had a huge impact in my life. It was what I grew up on, I owned every Disney Movie on VHS ( still have most of them ) and I owned ever Disney Sing-Along tape. I can sing every damn Disney Song without even trying. over the years I have noticed that all my characters have some sorta of Disney influence in them. Some more than others, but still...ITS THERE.

2. Final Fantasy

Yes, I'm going to say it. Final Fantasy VII was the first FF I ever played. This was because my mom's boy friend had brought it over and was playing it. After he beat it he gave it to me, and I started playing it and loved it. I literally had never head of FF before and I thought it was cool. ( this was when I was roughly 8 yeas old...) I love Final Fantasy. I love the worlds, I love the designs ( some are way over the top for me but a lot of them I like ) I adore the Weaponry, Armors, Magic, the MONSTERS. I think the Monsters, and Summons are my favorite. Some of my own beasts for my world of Seth were inspired by Final Fantasy's wonderful monsters.

3. deviantART

Since joining this site back in 2005 because of *KenDraw I have encountered some of the most amazing Artist in the world. Everyday this site shows me what people are capable of creating, and it only makes me want to create more and more. I find inspiration all over this site everyday. Some of it big, and sometimes the smallest little detail will influence me to make something huge ! I have made many friends here and each have taught me and influenced in one way or another. I have even had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite 'popular' Artist in person and have gotten to speak with them which was an honor in itself.

4. Pin Ups

Call me weird/gay/sick/perverted if you want, but I am fascinated by the body, especially that of the Female variety. I adore seeing the forms and curves the body can make with a simple pose. By looking at pin ups of both females and males, I have learned a lot of how the body bends and forms and how I can create interesting lines and shapes. So, pin ups have helped be grow a lot

5. Music

I can't even seem to draw properly if I do not have some sort of music playing. Between my brain letting my characters mess around singing and dancing to my head, or just letting my mind make its own personal soundtrack. Music is ALWAYS on my mind even in my sleep. Music allows me to design. I can design and entire character....outfit ...scenario with just one song...Music is a HUGE influence for me.

6. Greek and/or Roman Mythology

Another thing, I was brought up with most of my life. My dad and mom ( MOSTLY my mom definitely ) were obsessed with mythology, most revolving around Greek and Roman. I grew up with my mom telling me the countless myths and legend of its heroes, gods, and goddesses. I too had fallen in love with the stories, its fashion, life styles etc etc etc Picture shown in the statue of Hades' abduction of Persephone one of my favorite stories.

7. Labyrinth

This movie captured my imagination, since the first time I saw it when I was 7 years old. I loved the characters, the fashion, magical-ness, the dreamy-ness, of yeah....and GLITTER of this movie. One of my most precious characters was heavily influences by this movie.
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