Planet Hecturus World Map Picture

This is the world map of Hecturus, an Earth-like planet that orbits around an unnamed star on the fringe of the Milky Way galaxy. Hecturus is 13,250 km in diameter, which makes it a little larger than Earth. It is also known to have two moons, both of which have yet to be given official names; these two moons were currently named Hecturus I and II at the moment. It has 5 continents (and 2 islands), two of which were unique, but one of them was an intensely hostile environment. These continents were:

---------- ODIN ----------
Description: Odin is the most westward continent of Hecturus, and the primary continent of it. It is an object analog to both North America and the United States, for it was known to have it's own government akin to that of the US Constitution. 45% of Odin was desert. Coincidentally, the desert in Odin happens to be the largest in Hecturus, making it analogous to that of the Sahara Desert, which is the largest real-life desert in the world, located in Africa. The other 55% of Odin was a lush environment, with plenty of grassy plains, forests and wetlands.

Odin has three lakes that were very loose object analogs to the Great Lakes of the US. It is the most populous continent in Hecturus, with it's population estimating to about 875 million people. It's capital was Kennedy City, which is an object analog to many US cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle and lesser cities like Longview, WA. It is named after the famed god in Germanic mythology.

---------- NOROWARETA TOCHI ----------
Description: Norowareta Tochi is a dark, hazardous and unspeakably evil continent that was considered a "Forbidden Place", which is a sizable area of land where no one was allowed to enter, as stated by the Odin government. Unlike most continents where they are green, khaki and sometimes white in color, Norowareta Tochi is a stark, jet black color with a few purple patches of land. Those purple patches were actually a foreign substance known as the "Creep", an alien biomass that serves as nourishment for its main inhabitants, the Zerg Swarm. To support the fact about its notoriously hostile environment, Norowareta Tochi comes from the Japanese that translates to "cursed land" in English.

It's main inhabitants were monsters of horrific forms and features that can prove horrifyingly fatal to the Object population, most of which were creatures that were ether completely foreign to Hecturus, or that they originated in Hell, the latter of which are said to be demons and hellspawn. The most prominent of these horrific inhabitants were the Zerg, which is a collection of lifeforms, being assimilated into various Zerg strains. In case of StarCraft canon, not only the Zerg lived on Hecturus, but also other planets as well.

Aside from it's organic abominations, it is also a base of operations for inorganic lifeforms, namely the machines, whose purpose is to exterminate all of objectkind on the planet. These robots were designed by none other than the bouncing, yellow block, known only as Evil Boskov, the sworn nemesis of one particular Odin resident; the silent and timid, yet very courageous, Prasiolite. This makes Norowareta Tochi serve as the main setting for the fictional shooter game, Rampage. Evil Boskov's main headquarters was located on the eastern part of Norowareta Tochi (excluding the outlying island). It is wholly within the Southern Hemisphere, and half within the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Unsurprisingly, Norowareta Tochi is not based on any real-life continent on Earth.

---------- WAREZZ ----------
Description: Warezz is a large island sitting in the middle of an ocean, right at the middle of the Hecturus world map. Like the notorious Norowareta Tochi, Warezz is sparsely populated and wasn't based on any real-life continent, except it is not corrupt by evil. It is very susceptible to constant attacks made by Boskov's machines coming from Norowareta Tochi, implying that Warezz is unlucky enough to be nearby it. It is the least populous island/contient in Hecturus, estimating to only 12 million people. Fortunately, it was guarded by the Rebel Alliance to fend off incoming Boskov air-raids.

---------- MEILI ----------
Description: Meili, named after the son of god Odin, and the brother of the thunder god Thor, it is the most eastward continent on Hecturus, as well as the smallest continent. Meili also doubles as a country, serving as an Object analog to Australia. Most of Meili was covered in a desert environment. It has three major cities; Seraph, Xyleneopolis (named after an aromatic hydrocarbon), and Townsville (not to be confused with two other Townsvilles; one a real-life city in Australia; the other a fictional city from the Powerpuff Girls). Like Warezz, Meili was also occasionally attacked by Boskov's forces, this time coming from the eats side of Norowareta Tochi. Meili, however, has it's own military, which makes it able to defend itself from incoming air-raids.

---------- MIXELS CONTINENT ----------
Description: The Mixels Continent is the secondary home to the colorful, fun-loving Mixels, and the second-largest continent in Hecturus. The Mixels' primary home, however, was Planet Mixel (also commonly called Mixels Land), due to the introduction of the Series 4 space-faring Mixel tribe, the Orbitons. Little is known about the Mixels Continent, but its existence on the Hecturus World Map remains a mystery. It is the most peaceful continent on the planet, simply because it is far disconnected from the rest of the world, and the fact that it is the only continent that Boskov REFUSES to invade. The only known enemies in the Mixels Continent were small, vicious, discolored Nixels.

---------- CRYOS ----------
Description: Cryos is the southernmost continent in Hecturus, and an Object analog to Antarctica. It's name comes from the Greek word cryos, which means "icy cold" in English. As it's name would suggest, Cryos is an extremely cold environment, and only very few people come and visit there. It's known foreign fauna were Tauntauns, and the predatorial Wampas.

---------- NEEDLE ISLAND ----------
Description: Needle Island, also nicknamed as "Needy Island", so-called because of Needle's hatred of being called "Needy" in BFDI, is the northernmost, thin island near the north pole; the longest island on Hecturus. The reason why it's called "Needle Island" is because of it's overall shape of a needle. It is an Object analog to the icy island of Greenland, which is a country near the north pole.

Phew! That took forever to write this whole thing! This world map what I made was created using PowerPoint, while Photoshop was used to type in the labels for the continents.
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